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Georgian Wine

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  • Pirosmani Alazani Valley Semi Sweet

    Pirosmani Alazani Valley Semi Sweet

    Naturally semi-sweet white wine made from grapes Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Tetra, and other traditional white varieties cultivated in Georgia.

    White semi-sweet wine

    Alazani Valley wine has a straw colour with emerald reflections, a rich aroma with notes of roasted nuts, ripe apples and fruity notes of melon. The taste of this superb wine is soft and fresh with a mild sweetness and distinct notes of quince.

  • Pirosmani Kagor Dessert Red

    Pirosmani Kagor Dessert Red

    Kagor(Cahors) is a classic fortified sweet dessert wine made from grapes Saperavi cultivated in a famous Kakheti Terroir.

    The wine has a dark ruby color, completeness, softness, velvet, thin cocoa – chocolate tones in taste and a bouquet with saturated notes of prunes, currant and raspberry.

    Cahors is perfect as an aperitif or digestive.

  • Pirosmani Kakheti Valley Semi Dry Red

    Pirosmani Kakheti Valley Semi Dry Red

    Naturally semi-dry red wine made according to the modern technology, along with ancient Georgian winemaking techniques from Saperavi grapes of Kakheti region.

    The wine has an intense ruby colour, a delicate aroma is perfectly combined with a pleasant refreshing taste and bright notes of ripe fruit. Recommended to be served with meat dishes or cheeses.

  • Pirosmani Kindzmarauli Semi Sweet Red

    Pirosmani Kindzmarauli Semi Sweet Red

    Appellation controlled naturally semi-sweet red wine made from Saperavi grape variety cultivated in Kindzmarauli terroir.


    The wine has a dark ruby colour, a strong fruity flavour, rich and complex bouquet with fresh notes of cherry, blackberry and velvety chocolate tones on the palate. It impresses with its freshness and bright varietal tones, fullness, harmony and juicy tenderness. Taste of the wine is rounded and well-balanced, with a special aroma and a long finish.


    Kindzmarauli is a great companion for meat dishes, particularly spicy ones, chocolate desserts or sharp cheeses.

  • Pirosmani Mukuzani Dry Red

    Pirosmani Mukuzani Dry Red

    Dry red wine from Mukuzani terroir of Kakheti, it is Georgia’s most famous and well-regarded controlled appellation.

    This outstanding full-bodied wine is aged in oak barrels for twelve months. It has a dark-ruby colour and is characterized by a gentle bouquet of cherry, blackberry and oak notes and a long lasting finish. This wine has the ability to emphasize the dignity of roast meat and game dishes and complete the meal with their own unique flavour and aroma.

  • Pirosmani Old Tbilisi Rose

    Pirosmani Old Tbilisi Rose

    Semi-dry rose made from the varieties of Saperavi grapes cultivated in a famous Kakheti Terroir. The wine has gentle sweetish taste and fruit aroma, rose color with a crimson shade.




    It can be perfectly combined with seafood, with the majority of cheeses, pastes and desserts.

  • Pirosmani Rkatsiteli Dry White

    Pirosmani Rkatsiteli Dry White

    White dry wine made from grapes Rkatsiteli cultivated in  famous Kakheti Terroir.

    The most popular white Georgian wine. Full, saturated taste, a unique bouquet of aromas and features of this grapes type. Long aftertaste reveal pleasant notes of green apple and yellow cherry plum.

    Rkatsiteli wine is perfect as an aperitif and in combinations with fish, vegetables and cheeses.

  • Pirosmani Saperavi Dry Red

    Pirosmani Saperavi Dry Red

    Red dry wine, one of the most outstanding wines of Georgia, made from Saperavi grapes of Kakheti.

    The unusual wine has a full, velvety taste with pleasant astringency, rich aroma of plum, blackberry and black currant, and a deep red colour. Thanks to this saturated colour Saperavi is often called “impervious red” pearl of Georgia.

  • Pirosmani Shiraki Valley Semi Dry

    Pirosmani Shiraki Valley Semi Dry

    Naturally semi-dry white wine made from Rkatsiteli grape cultivated in Kakheti region.

    The wine has a golden straw colour, harmonious aroma with delicate notes of fruit, flowers and honey and a pleasant sweet taste. It is perfect as an aperitif and in combination with salads, lean meat, desserts and fruit.