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  • Cordero Risotto Mediterraneo Olives and Capers

    Cordero Risotto Mediterraneo Olives and Capers

    A simple and easy to make risotto seasoned with mediterranean spices. 

    Onion, olive, capers, carrots, parsley, tomato flavoured. 

  • Curtiriso Arborio Rice 1kg

    Curtiriso Arborio Rice 1kg

    Arborio is ideal for all risottos or for any dry rice preparation. Unmistakable, thanks to its large, pearly grains and high yield. During preparation, the grains cook perfectly and evenly, leaving the core, rich in starch, firm and always guaranteeing perfect creaminess.

  • Gallo Rice Truffle 175gr

    Gallo Rice Truffle 175gr

    Riso Gallo's Risotto Pronto is a range of delicious risottos, as only Italians know how. Because it is packed in a protected environment, preservatives are unnecessary. All you have to do is add water, bring to the boil and simulate for 12 minutes to create a perfect Risotto - Soon. Riso Gallo's story begins in 1856 in Genoa with a man named Giovanni Battista, and today, some 150 years later, his direct descendants in the sixth generation continue to run the business, now located in Robbio Lomellina. Riso Gallo produces rice in the Po Norte Valley, the only authentic risotto rice growing region and the largest rice growing area in Europe. The interaction of climate, soil type, landscape and local workers, who know how it has been created by centuries of passion, guarantee the uniqueness of Riso Gallo's products. The Italian passion for food, with the use of natural and fresh ingredients, is recognized worldwide. The risotto plate embodies this approach, with the use of just rice, onions, a knob of butter, warehouse and fresh local ingredients, being all you need for a complete meal, the perfect balance of creaminess and texture "al dente".

  • Riso Valle Arborio Rice 1kg

    Riso Valle Arborio Rice 1kg

  • Swords Jasmine Rice 1kg

    Swords Jasmine Rice 1kg

    Jasmine rice is good with soups and salads.