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  • Sale!Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky 700ml

    Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky 700ml

    An aromatic infusion of wild herbs and heather honey and orchards fruits.

    Rich and fruity, Chivas bursts with the smooth taste of ripe honey, honeyed apples, and notes of vanilla, hazelnut and butterscotch.

  • Sale!Etike Amami Montepulciano Dabruzzo

    Etike Amami Montepulciano Dabruzzo

    Ruby red with garnet highlights. Intense, persistent and fruity with a strong aroma of red fruits, cherry and vanilla. Full bodied, well balanced, slightly tannic. Easy to drink.


    Excellent with typical Italian courses.

  • Sale!Etike Amami Primitivo

    Etike Amami Primitivo

    Intense deep ruby red, complex aroma of plum and cherry, with spicy notes of vanilla and rosemary. A full-bodied and well-balanced wine.

    San Marzano, Salento, Puglia. The area is about 100 meters above sea level, with high average temperatures and medium-low rainfall. The soft soil layer is clayey and quite thin, with a good presence of rocks.

  • Sale!Etike Luna Passante Nero Davola

    Etike Luna Passante Nero Davola

    Deep ruby red with purple hues, intense aroma of balsamic herbs, red fruits and floral scent. Soft, Warm, a full-bodied wine, with a scent of mixed berries in the final part.

    Excellent with savoury first courses, grilled meat and roast meat, mature cheeses.

  • Sale!Johnnie Walker Black 700ml

    Johnnie Walker Black 700ml

  • Sale!Librandi Ciro Rosso Classico

    Librandi Ciro Rosso Classico

    Ciro Rosso is the culmination of the terroir and art to present a wine that is both noble and representative of the land from which it was born.

    Aromas of red fruits and spice complement undertones of cranberries, wild berries and plums. On the palate, ripe tannins and good body make for an incredibly rich, yet easygoing red wine. Excellent with spicy foods, particularly Indian, calabrian style pork sausages and hot salumi.

  • Sale!Librandi Melissa Asylia Bianco Greco

    Librandi Melissa Asylia Bianco Greco

    This wine is made from 100% Greco Bianco, a white varietal brought to Calabria by the ancient Greeks that is now rarely seen. Lots of density and richness and a sort of metallic classical sheen. Perfect with Calabria's signature seafood dishes using the regions tuna and anchovies, gnocchi with light tomato based sauces and braccioletto di alici

  • Sale!Moretti Beer 330ml

    Moretti Beer 330ml

    Birra Moretti is a quality beer made in the traditional way. It is the result of a production process that has remained almost unchanged since 1859.

    The best raw materials are used to make Birra Moretti, as well as a special blend of high quality hops that gives it a unique taste and fragrance, enhancing its perfectly balanced bitter taste.

    Its alcohol content is 4.6% alcohol by volume, a percentage that makes it ideal for any time of day. In fact, it is not a strong beer and is therefore perfect for drinking at lunch, at dinner or for evenings out with friends.

    At a meal, this beer is perfect for enhancing simpler dishes: risottos, pasta dishes, main dishes featuring white meats and fresh cheeses.

  • Sale!Mumm Cordon Rouge Non Vintage

    Mumm Cordon Rouge Non Vintage

    Fresh, golden yellow colour with hints of jade, the wine’s abundant bubbles, both fine and elegant, demonstrate the finesse of this champagne.

    On the nose aromas of lemon and grapefruit, combined with the richness of firm, fleshy fruits such as white peaches, apricots and tart apples bring freshness and liveliness to the wine. These are followed by hints of vanilla, enriched with caramel. Honeyed nuts also play their part.

    The bubbles are rich on the palate, but never overpowering. The perfect balance is combined with a rounded, full vinosity. The mix of fresh fruit and caramel aromas give even more intensity to the finish. This is a subtly balanced wine with a remarkable capacity to linger in the mouth.


    $54.99 $46.99
  • Sale!Pasqua Le Collezioni Pinot Grigio

    Pasqua Le Collezioni Pinot Grigio

    Exclusive to Amatos, Australia wide.

    The wine has a straw yellow colour and, on the nose, it offer floral sensation that recall the aroma of acacia blossom, with hints of pears as well. Its flavour is intense and very well-balanced, with fruity notes of apples and pears.

    To be served cool, with starters, delicate first course dishes, grilled or baked fish.

  • Sale!Peroni Red 330ml Imported

    Peroni Red 330ml Imported

    Peroni Red is Italy's number one beer! Unlike the more famous Peroni Nastro Azzuro, the red labelled Peroni Red offers a slightly darker colour with more pronounced malty and hoppy characteristics.

    The Peroni brewery was established in 1846 in Vigevano, Lombardia. From then, Peroni has grown to become Italy's most recognised beer and furthermore, Peroni Red is the most widely consumed beer throughout the Italian Peninsula

  • Sale!Taylors Cabernet Sauvignon

    Taylors Cabernet Sauvignon

    The wine has an aroma of rich blackcurrant, subtle spice, tomato leaf and a touch of eucalypt. French oak maturation is also evident with subtle aromas of cedar and dark chocolate.

    This is a wine of great intensity. It has distinctive blackcurrant and cassis fruit flavours. Subtle oak characters of cedar cigar box and spice are also evident. The tannins are fine and elegant – a hallmark of the varietal. The palate is well balanced, complex and fulfilling and lingers on the finish.