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  • Elegante Cream Sherry

    Elegante Cream Sherry

    Dark mahogany colored , with a bouquet of toasted nuts, raisins, dates and pastries. Fresh to the palate, wi th a clear taste of toasted nuts, it has a sweet, tasty, well - rounded flavor.

  • Elegante Fino Sherry

    Elegante Fino Sherry

    Bright, pale golden colour. A crisp, dry fino with a flowery, pear character and subtle clean taste with a sharp, elegant, and delicate bouquet. Elegante Fino should be served well chilled.

  • Gonzalez Solera 1847 Dulce Sherry

    Gonzalez Solera 1847 Dulce Sherry

    A sweet oloroso with an intense mahogany colour with aromas of raisins, vanilla and wood. The palate is velvety, with sweet notes of figs, raisins and touches caramel and wood.

    Ideal as an aperitif or with desserts such as ice cream and apple pie.

  • Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry

    Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry

    Harvey Bristol Cream is deep golden in colour with fragrant aromas of candied orange, dried fruit and toasted almonds.

    Keep a bottle of Harvey Bristol chilling in your fridge and serve on the rocks with a slice of orange. After opening refrigerate and consume within four to six weeks.

  • Osborne Fina Quinta Sherry

    Osborne Fina Quinta Sherry

    A pale yellow color with bright, luminous greenish glints. In the nose, a sharp, almond-like aroma, gentle and saline. In the mouth, dry, sharp, mildly acidic and slightly bitter.

  • Tio Pepe Fino 375ml

    Tio Pepe Fino 375ml

    Star bright, pale golden colour. Elegant and distinctive, with fresh bread and almond aromas. The palate is full bodied, crisp and very dry, with a complex long finish. Tio Pepe should be served well chilled.

  • Valdespino Pedro Ximenez Yellow Label

    Valdespino Pedro Ximenez Yellow Label

    Made from the Pedro Ximenez grapes, once harvested, they are left out in the sunshine for at least two weeks. This causes water to evaporate from the grape turning it to raisin and the sugar levels to rise. The wine that is made is then matured using the 'Solera and Criadera' system. The sherry is added above previous vintages in this barrel system and is therefore labelled Non Vintage.

    This Sherry is of an intense mahogany colour, with aroma of raisins and rich on the palate.