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Argentinean Reds

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  • Argento Esquinas Malbec

    Argento Esquinas Malbec

    Deep purple with layers of blue, this superb Malbec offers vibrant aromas of red cherry, ripe plum, blackberry and truffle. Juicy flavours of plum jam and sweet cherry, with a touch of chocolate and cinnamon from oak ageing, lead into a long lingering finish with velvety tannins

  • Argento Reserve Malbec

    Argento Reserve Malbec

    Argento Reserva Malbec is dark violet and offers concentrated aromas of black plums, cherries, and blackberries. These vibrant black fruit flavors provide a pleasing structure on the palate, and the predominant French oak characters coming from its aging in barrels for six to nine months blend perfectly, providing a delicate mouth texture.

    Perfect with spicy red meat, roasted lamb and pasta with complex sauces.

  • Cassone La Florencia Malbec

    Cassone La Florencia Malbec

    The nose is intense and powerful, with red and black fruits showing well, there is violet, blackcurrant and damson. There is a hint pepper and spice here too.

    The palate is velvety smooth, with soft, ripe tannins giving lovely structure and mouthfeel to the wine. There is more damson, currant, more spicy notes and a lingering, rich finish.

  • Fat Bastard Malbec

    Fat Bastard Malbec

    Juicy dark fruits of plumm & black currant combined with fine but apparent tannins.

  • Trapiche Cabernet Sauvignon

    Trapiche Cabernet Sauvignon

    Noble wine of a bright red color. Aromas of black fruit and spices. Soft and balanced on the palate, with a pleasant, long-lasting tannic sensation.

  • Trapiche Malbec

    Trapiche Malbec

    A rich, red-colored wine with violet hues, redolent of plums and cherries. Round in the mouth with a touch of truffle and vanilla.

  • Trapiche Merlot

    Trapiche Merlot

    Deep red color of ripe cherries. Aromas of ripe red fruit with a subtle hint of black pepper. Medium bodied, juicy with a lingering taste.

  • Trapiche Syrah

    Trapiche Syrah

    Deep red in color with intense aromas of red berries and liquorice. Its sweetness surprises the mouth displaying soft tannins and its aging in oak brings up memories of fruit and vanilla.

  • Trapiche Zaphy Organic Malbec

    Trapiche Zaphy Organic Malbec

    This Malbec shows a deep red color with violet hues. It offers a heady parfum of red fruits such as plums and raspberries. Medium bodied, with delicate tannins and a long fruit-filled finish. 

    Ideal to serve with grilled red meat, pasta with soft sauces and typical Argentinean dishes such as empanadas and humita. 

  • Trumpeter Malbec

    Trumpeter Malbec

    Trumpeter Malbec displays an inky and dense color with attractive cherry aromas and a touch of cinnamon and sweet spice. A full, fruity wine, with excellent body, intense tannins, and flavors of cherry, blackberry, boysenberry and plum intermingled with hints of cardamom and pepper, and a long, full finish.