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  • Maurizio Russo Limoncello 500ml

    Maurizio Russo Limoncello 500ml

  • Rossi Limoncello 700ml

    Rossi Limoncello 700ml

    Limoncello Rossi D'Asiago is obtained by steeping the rinds of fresh choice lemons in alcohol. Excellent as a digestive and for the preparation of sorbets. It is perfect poured over ice cream or when preparing cocktails and long drinks. Serve iced.

  • S Maria Al Monte Limoncino Portofino 700ml

    S Maria Al Monte Limoncino Portofino 700ml

    Traditionally produced using the rinds of the best lemons from the Ligurian Riviera, this cloudy, pale green liqueur captures authentic aromatics of ripe lemon with zesty accents. Viscous, super textural and medium-sweet with a lemony burst, it finishes with moderate acidity and suggestions of lemon tart.

  • Strega Limoncello Mediterranea 700ml

    Strega Limoncello Mediterranea 700ml

    The perfect balance of flavour and aroma. Infusion method of lemon peels for a more intense flavour.