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Italian Reds

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  • Adora Salice Salentino Riserva

    Adora Salice Salentino Riserva

    fresh, dry, ful-flavoured and harmonious in the mouth, velvety taste with a good structure; smothed and balanced, with slightly roasting finish

  • Agricola Punica Montessu Isola Nuraghi

    Agricola Punica Montessu Isola Nuraghi

    Dark-berry, lavender and black-tea aromas follow through to a full body, round and velvety tannins and a flavorful finish. A juicy and deep wine. Very pretty and distinctive

  • Alberto Loi Sa Mola Cannonau

    Alberto Loi Sa Mola Cannonau

    Ruby red color. It is intense and complex, floral, fruity and delicately spicy on the nose. The taste is dry, warm, fresh and tannic. It has good body with a pleasant flavor.

  • Angoris Refosco Dal Peduncolo Rosso

    Angoris Refosco Dal Peduncolo Rosso

    Notes of cranberry, cherry, dark fruit and blueberries

  • Antinori Igt Toscana Red

    Antinori Igt Toscana Red

    The wine is ruby red in color with intense aromas of cherries, mint, and, particularly, chocolate. On the palate the wine is ample in body, supple and with velvety and soft tannins, long and savory.

  • Antinori Peppoli Chianti Classico

    Antinori Peppoli Chianti Classico

    Intense red fruit aromas, especially redcurrants and raspberries, are amplified by light hints of vanilla and coffee sensations. This full-bodied wine is pleasantly lingering with soft, sweet tannins. It should be drunk while still young for full expression of the fruit.

  • Antinori Santa Cristina

    Antinori Santa Cristina

    The wine is ruby red in color with purple highlights and its aromas are ample and intense with notes of red fruit, particularly cherries and raspberries. The flavors are soft and balanced, the finish characterized by suppleness of tannins and persistence of fruit, both of which contribute to its pleasurable, easy-drinking personality.

  • Arche Primitivo Di Manduria Le Vigne Di Sammarco

    Arche Primitivo Di Manduria Le Vigne Di Sammarco

    Well rounded, smooth primitivo. 


  • Argiolas Costera Cannonau

    Argiolas Costera Cannonau

    Intense ruby red with garnet tinges. Intensely vinous, typical of Cannonau.

    Warm, well-rounded, well structured and excellently balanced.

  • Arnaldo Sagrantino Collepiano

    Arnaldo Sagrantino Collepiano

    Sagrantino Collepiano symbolises the “Renaissance” of Montefalco as a wine region. This wine’s roots are entrenched in a secular tradition and is produced with Sagrantino, a unique variety grown only in Montefalco. Collepiano is Sagrantino & rsquos area of production, and refers to the gentle slopes that characterise our hills.

    Aromatically sensational, intense, with notes of mature fruit and hints of spice and aromas of vanilla transcended from the barriques. Potent, soft and velvety, with an aftertaste slightly bitter.

  • Avide Frappato

    Avide Frappato

    "1607" is a red wine from the grape Frappato, aged for 6 months in steel containers. It has profumes and taste of young red fruits. It's a fresh, soft and drinkable wine.

    Colour: Light red ruby

    Scent: Notes of young red fruits: cherry, black berry, pomegranate, strawberry and plum

    Taste: Balanced with young tannins and delicate freshness

  • Avide Nero Davola

    Avide Nero Davola

    Intense and rich, with a prevailing fruity aroma on the nose, this wine is fairly round in the mouth, medium bodied with a good persistence and harmony.