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  • Capel 1lt Pisco Moai Reservado

    Capel 1lt Pisco Moai Reservado

  • Pisco Capel 35 Percent Especial

    Pisco Capel 35 Percent Especial

    Faultless and genuine, this Pisco is gracious, artful and sumptuous....a unique pleasure. Campanario Pisco Especial is an alcoholic beverage distilled from wines that are obtained from aromatic Muscat grape varieties which give the product one of its most outstanding qualities: a unique aroma, aged in American oak barrels ensuring the finest flavour and aroma.

  • Pisco Capel 40 Percent Reservado De Guarda

    Pisco Capel 40 Percent Reservado De Guarda

  • Pisco Capel Sour

    Pisco Capel Sour

  • Pisco Mistral 35 Percent

    Pisco Mistral 35 Percent

    This great Pisco has a commanding odor and a very pleasant dark yellow color, it is not as sweet as the other varieties, yet it carries strong woody flavour the others lack, probably due to longer aging. Aged in oak barrels, which impart a poetically attractive color and delicate aroma. This Pisco is 35% Alc./Vol.

  • Pisco Mistral 40 Percent

    Pisco Mistral 40 Percent

    In the nose it has strong notes of walnut, dry leaves and threads of tea The palate displays walnuts, dried fruit, combined with a pleasant vegetable tone reminding aromas of blackberries. Intense and well structured in the mouth, unctuous with long lasting finish. This Pisco is 40% Alc./Vol.