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Italian Dessert Wine

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  • Banfi Sciandor Moscato Dasti Docg

    Banfi Sciandor Moscato Dasti Docg

    Sweet flavor, round, reminiscent of honey and highlights a pleasant final sensation of raisins

  • Hauner Malvasia Passitto 375ml

    Hauner Malvasia Passitto 375ml

    Delightful golden color with verdant hues, rich, ample and aromatic nose of ripe apricots, figs and medlar fruit with notes of lavender, thyme and almonds confirmed on a sweet yet fresh palate showing distinct depth and persistence.

  • La Lizza Vin Santo Del Chianti Classico

    La Lizza Vin Santo Del Chianti Classico

    Orange peel, dried apricots, a hint of vanilla, a wisp of almonds and a long satisfying finish.

  • Parri Vinsanto Riserva

    Parri Vinsanto Riserva

    Vinsanto is a wine which is close to the heart of every tuscan wine producer.

    Extreme care is dedicated to the selection of the Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes which are harvested, the bunches are then hung on poles and left to dry in a well ventilated building.

  • Pellegrino Passito Di Pantelleria 500ml

    Pellegrino Passito Di Pantelleria 500ml

     Intense, harmonious and persistent with hints of dried figs, apricots and honey. Full and persistent. Sweet and powerful. Very smooth and round in the mouth, despite the crisp acidity on the finish.

  • San Marzano Filari Dolce Naturale Dessert Win

    San Marzano Filari Dolce Naturale Dessert Win

    Intense ruby red colour with garnet shades; persistent and complex nose with hints of overripe fruits that recall cherry jam and dried figs; light spicy notes; pleasantly envelops the palate with a sensation of honey, balanced with the right amount of acidity.

  • Sensi Vin Santo 500ml

    Sensi Vin Santo 500ml

    It’s produced following the ancient Tuscan tradition with Trebbiano di Toscana and Malvasia del Chianti grapes. After the sun exposure on the mats and a long ageingin small barrels named “caratelli”, we obtain this juice with a deep amber colour and a nice smell of dried fruits with hints of honey and a sweet and velvety taste. It’s excelent both as aperitif and as wine to accompany the different traditional cakes.

  • Solo Arte Vino Dei Santi

    Solo Arte Vino Dei Santi

     The creamy caramel and nut flavours of our Vin Santo are carried on a lean, rather than fat and luscious, body.

    Well balanced and not too sweet, our Vin Santo is famous not only as a good dessert wine, but also, served chilled, as a perfect aperitif to be enjoyed with almost every hors d’oeuvres and appetizers