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  • Sale!Pikes Cabernet Sauvignon Dogwalk

    Pikes Cabernet Sauvignon Dogwalk

    $21.99 $16.99
  • Sale!Pikes Eastside Shiraz

    Pikes Eastside Shiraz

    $26.99 $21.99
  • Sale!Pikes Luccio Sangiovese

    Pikes Luccio Sangiovese

    $19.99 $14.99
  • Sale!Pikes Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Valleys End

    Pikes Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Valleys End

    $17.99 $14.99
  • Sale!Pikes Shiraz Tempranillo Los Companeros

    Pikes Shiraz Tempranillo Los Companeros

    Attractive blueberry fruit with some choc/mint undertones as well as a little spice and earthiness that add some complexity. The oak is very much in the background and plays no big role. 

    $18.99 $14.99
  • Sale!Pocketwatch Cabernet Sauvignon

    Pocketwatch Cabernet Sauvignon

    $12.99 $11.99
  • Sale!Pocketwatch Chardonnay

    Pocketwatch Chardonnay

    $12.99 $11.99
  • Sale!Pocketwatch Pinot Noir

    Pocketwatch Pinot Noir

    Pocketwatch Pinot Noir continues the Oatley family history of fine craftsmanship. We blended a number of parcels of grapes from vineyards in the Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley of Victoria to produce a delicious, typically varietal Pinot displaying bright red cherry and raspberry fruits, gentle earthy forest floor complexity and only the lightest touch of oak. It is a very approachable wine, soft and easy to drink – some may say too much so.

    $12.99 $11.99
  • Sale!Portsea Estate Pinot Gris

    Portsea Estate Pinot Gris

    Citrus, freshly cut Granny Smith and a hint of stewed pear. A little skin contact delivers notes of peach to this year’s aroma profile. Fresh, focused acidity and subtle barrel ferment characteristics add structure and mid-palate texture.
    $26.99 $21.99
  • Sale!Santi Sortesele Pinot Grigio

    Santi Sortesele Pinot Grigio

    A soft straw colour with platinum tint; a broad, intense, persistent and very elegant perfume, with dominant notes of ripe pear, dried fruit and meadow flowers. Its flavour is full, fresh, soft but vivacious and firm, with fine acidity and a long finish. This is a very typical pinot grigio, with a noble structure, attractive to the nose and full of satisfaction on the palate.

    $17.99 $14.99
  • Sale!Spy Valley Pinot Gris

    Spy Valley Pinot Gris

    Aromas of pear, peach and ripe apricots, combine with manuka honey and nougat. The palate is rich with a creamy mouthfeel and a delicate hint of spice which complements a dense, yet approachable structure.

    $26.99 $19.99