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  • Sale!Corona Ligera 355ml

    Corona Ligera 355ml

    Corona Ligera is lighter on the palate with subtle malt and hop notes and a pleasing dry finish. Add a wedge of lime to amplify the flavour intensity and create that unmistakeable refreshing, crisp taste that is the hallmark of Corona.

  • Sale!Deutz Marl Cuvee Nv

    Deutz Marl Cuvee Nv

    Strength without force. Power with passion. Absolute joie de vivre. This is a fabulous wine, with a beautiful body balanced between the gentle sweetness of fresh Pinot Noir fruit and the immense strength of toasty yeast. Laid upon a featherbed of steady, fine mousse, and leaving a long and lingering aftertaste, Brut offers a rendezvous to remember.

  • Sale!Dezzani Barbera La Luna E Le Stelle

    Dezzani Barbera La Luna E Le Stelle

    Dezzani Barbera d'Asti - La Luna e le Stelle DOC Superiore A fascinating wine, with incredible structure. Full bodied, harmonious and elegant on the palate. Various and continuous, with notes of blackberry and vanilla.

  • Sale!Dezzani Starde Barbaresco Superiore

    Dezzani Starde Barbaresco Superiore

    This great Barbaresco is made with Nebbiolo grapes of one of the most prestigious areas of the Langhe.

    After the manual harvest, vinification takes place at controlled temperature with about fifteen-days-maceration on skins and the subsequent malolactic fermentation. The wine, is then refined in traditional fifty hectoliters oak casks, for eighteen-twenty-four months.

    Its colour is garnet red.

    The bouquet is intense and complex, with notes pointing to ripe red fruit, vanilla and spices.

    It is warm, soft and harmonious to the tongue.

    Ideal with pasta, meat, cheese, and at the end of the day as well.

  • Sale!Diabla Cream

    Diabla Cream

    Delicate liqueur from ancient Cuban origins, known as Cream of Life, an harmonious blend of ron,  cream and zabaione.

  • Sale!Donnafugata Sedara

    Donnafugata Sedara

    The ruby-red color is rounded out by lively garnet reflections. The impact on the nose is intense with sensations of tobacco, spices and mineral notes. In the mouth, the wine is balanced with fruity flavors, mainly blackberries and cherries. Persistent finish.

  • Sale!Donnafugata Sherazade Nero Davola

    Donnafugata Sherazade Nero Davola

    Sherazade has a brilliant ruby red color with violet reflections. The nose offers a pleasantly fruity bouquet with fragrant notes of red plum and cherry, combined with light spicy scents. The palate is fleshy and perfectly reflects the bouquet revealing an extraordinary freshness. The well-integrated tannin, completes this fragrant and pleasant wine.

  • Sale!Etike Amami Montepulciano Dabruzzo

    Etike Amami Montepulciano Dabruzzo

    Ruby red with garnet highlights. Intense, persistent and fruity with a strong aroma of red fruits, cherry and vanilla. Full bodied, well balanced, slightly tannic. Easy to drink.

    Excellent with typical Italian courses.

  • Sale!Etike Amami Primitivo

    Etike Amami Primitivo

    Intense deep ruby red, complex aroma of plum and cherry, with spicy notes of vanilla and rosemary. A full-bodied and well-balanced wine.

    San Marzano, Salento, Puglia. The area is about 100 meters above sea level, with high average temperatures and medium-low rainfall. The soft soil layer is clayey and quite thin, with a good presence of rocks.

  • Sale!Etike Luna Passante Nero Davola

    Etike Luna Passante Nero Davola

    Deep ruby red with purple hues, intense aroma of balsamic herbs, red fruits and floral scent. Soft, Warm, a full-bodied wine, with a scent of mixed berries in the final part.

    Excellent with savoury first courses, grilled meat and roast meat, mature cheeses.

  • Sale!Fat Yak Pale Ale 345ml

    Fat Yak Pale Ale 345ml

    Fat Yak first impresses with its golden colour, distinctive, hop driven, fruity and herbaceous aromas, giving characteristic melon and grassy notes, followed by a lingering smooth hop finish.

    $59.99 $50.50*
  • Sale!Frascati Monteporzio

    Frascati Monteporzio

    This wine has a pale gold colour, a light clean and fresh palate with a very dry finish. A pleasant wine for cold meats and seafood.