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Spring Water

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  • Fiuggi Still Water 1lt 12pk

    Fiuggi Still Water 1lt 12pk

    Fiuggi water is a natural, oligomineral water. Its composition comes from the tufaceous ground of the hollows occupied by the Spas. It is subjected to a filtering action which purifies and reduces its mineralisation becoming an oligomineral water of a very strong diuretic effect. It provokes the expulsion of kidney stones and prevents their formation, it is also particularly indicated during preparation of operations for urinary calculosis and post-operative treatment. It is an excellent remedy for infections of the urinary tract and, thanks to its action on the metabolism of uric acid, favours the cure of gout and uratic arthropathies.

  • Iq Spring Water 1.5litres

    Iq Spring Water 1.5litres

  • Iq Spring Water 600ml

    Iq Spring Water 600ml

  • Mountain Falls Spring Water 600ml

    Mountain Falls Spring Water 600ml

  • Panna Water 750ml

    Panna Water 750ml

    From the heart of an uncontaminated nature in Tuscany, Acqua Panna needs 13 years to flow through the aquifer and reach the surface at the natural spring where it is bottled without any additional treatment.

    Is there anything in nature puresr, fresher and clearer than water? Those are all distinctive characteristics you immediately link with water, and in particular with natural mineral water. As it pours underground, still mineral water undergoes changes in its physical and chemicals composition, acquiring truly inimitable traits and recognized properties favourable to health.

    Located in Tuscany between the municipalities of Scarperia and Barberino di Mugello, Acqua Panna water springs are part of an aquifer situated on the main watershed’s south flank in the local northern Apennines between the Futa Pass and Mount Gazzaro at an altitude of around 0.560 miles above sea level.

  • San Benedetto Spring Water 2lt

    San Benedetto Spring Water 2lt