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  • Arak Brun 5 Years Special Reserved 750ml

    Arak Brun 5 Years Special Reserved 750ml

    Named after François-Eugène Brun, Arak Brun might be the world’s most famous arak! Its production has been uninterrupted since the inception of the winery in 1868. It is made from the alcohol of estate grown Obeidi and Cinsault grapes, harvested at optimum ripeness, and blended with fresh anise. Since 2015, Domaine des Tourelles grows its own anise in Deir el Ahmar, a village in the district of Baalbek. Their arak is produced inside a hundred-year-old cellar, processed traditionally using a three-stage distillation in traditional alembics, and aged for 5 years in old clay jars. Arak is not sweetened. Serve with water – ice can be added.

  • Arak Elite 750ml

    Arak Elite 750ml

    This is an anise-flavored drink that goes milky white when mixed with water. It is the ethnic drink of the eastern Mediterranean.

  • Gantous and Abou Arak 500ml

    Gantous and Abou Arak 500ml

    Gantous & Abou Raad is an excellent Arak that is distilled three times from fermented white grapes with the best aniseeds to produce its famous smooth taste.