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  • Aalborg Fad Lagret Snaps

    Aalborg Fad Lagret Snaps

  • Aalborg Porse Snaps

    Aalborg Porse Snaps

    Aalborg Porse Snaps stems from the Danish tradition of spiced aquavit - flavoured with extract of bog myrtle and seasoned with sherry and rosemary distillate.

    This acquavit goes well with cheese.

    The bitterness is also excellent accompaniment to, or ingredient in, bitter chocolate desserts. 

  • Berentzen Schnapps Cherry

    Berentzen Schnapps Cherry

    The aroma is quite full with notes of ripe cherry and almonds. The taste is very fruity, sweet with a smooth finish.

  • Berentzen Schnapps Peach

    Berentzen Schnapps Peach

    Distilled to give a pure, crystal-clear liquid with aromas of ripe, fruity peach. The taste is luxurious sweet over-laid with nuts and honey.

  • Berentzen Schnapps Sour Apple

    Berentzen Schnapps Sour Apple

    Slightly pale in colour, intense and lively aromas, stimulating on the palate with a clean fresh finish.

  • Sale!Wenneker Butterscotch Schnapps 700ml

    Wenneker Butterscotch Schnapps 700ml

    Friendly butterscotch schanpps with a full butter flavour and freshly caramelised brown sugar. Creamy caramel flavour makes the liqueur suitable for cocktails and desserts. 

    $36.99 $24.99