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Japanese Whiskey

Click the View link to see more details or to purchase cartons or other pack sizes if available.
  • Nikka 12yo The Nikka Whiskey 700ml

    Nikka 12yo The Nikka Whiskey 700ml


  • Nikka Japanese Malt Whiskey 700ml

    Nikka Japanese Malt Whiskey 700ml


  • Tokinoka Japanese Whisky

    Tokinoka Japanese Whisky

    Grain whiskey assembly (1/4) and single malt (3/4) This blended whiskey is the expression of taste and Japanese skills: accuracy and balance of flavors, delicate texture. Tokinoka means "fragrance of time" in Japanese.

    Light nose, dominant cereal and fruity (peach) and gourmet on honey and vanilla.Soft attack, then he takes a lot of strength on the palate, with a nice power a little spicy. Very balanced, it has a nice aromatic range between malted cereals, fruit (especially peach) and almond and vanilla notes made by the barrel aging.The finish is long on malted barley, cream, vanilla and oak