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Greek Reds

Click the View link to see more details or to purchase cartons or other pack sizes if available.
  • Alpha Estate Axia Red Blend

    Alpha Estate Axia Red Blend

    Powerful aromas of sweet cherry, plum and toasted oak; full-bodied with solid tannins and a bright acid lift.

  • Alpha Estate Syrah 750ml

    Alpha Estate Syrah 750ml

    Bright, deep ruby color. It has beautiful Syrah fruit silky and ripe. Rich and intricate bouquet, earthy, dominated by leather and cherry brandy aromas, with peppery and plumy background. Generous, full bodied, chewy, robust wine with a velvety taste. Vanilla, wood, mocha and toffee hints. Slightly tannic finish with long persistent aromas. Its potential complexity is under constant development. A “Vin de Garde” with a great future.

  • Badel Pelinkovac Gorki 1lt

    Badel Pelinkovac Gorki 1lt

    Pelinkovac is a bitter liqueur based on wormwood, popular in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as in Slovenia, where it is known as pelinkovec or pelinovec. It has a very bitter taste.

  • Tsantali Imiglykos 2 Litre

    Tsantali Imiglykos 2 Litre

  • Tsantali Kokino Kokineli 2 Litre

    Tsantali Kokino Kokineli 2 Litre