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Italian Rose

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  • Apollonio Elfo Rosato

    Apollonio Elfo Rosato

    Best drunk with aperitifs or appetizers (platters of salamis, hams), and with meat-based pasta dishes. It also goes with fish dishes like seafood salad, grilled fish and Adriatic fish soups.

  • Canei Rose 750ml

    Canei Rose 750ml

    Canei Frizzante Rosé is made of various sorts of grapes and has a fresh, subtle and fruity flavour. Using a muscat grape as a base, natural aroma’s, a delicate sweet taste and a light bubble Frizzante Rosé is perfect to drink as an aperitif.

  • Casa Ducale Blush Pinot Grigio

    Casa Ducale Blush Pinot Grigio

    Sharp, decidedly fruity, intense, delicate and persistent.

  • De Vescovi Ulzbach Teroldego Rose Kretzer

    De Vescovi Ulzbach Teroldego Rose Kretzer

  • Freschello Rose Wine

    Freschello Rose Wine

    Thenumber one selling wine in Italy since 2007.

    Fresh, delicate and slightly fruited, fresh, light and winy, moderately floral and lively.

  • Musella Rose Del Drago

    Musella Rose Del Drago

  • Pasqua 11 Minute Rose

    Pasqua 11 Minute Rose

    The new rosé interpretation by Famiglia Pasqua is a fine blend created from the most noble native varietals like Corvina and Trebbiano di Lugana and varietals like Syrah and Carmenère. The name 11 MINUTES refers to the duration of the skin contact, the pressing of the grapes: the full load of grapes is very softly pressed.

    A blend of Corvina, Trebbiano di Lugana, Syrah, Carmenère. The grapes have been carefully chosen so that, when harvested at proper maturity, they express all the characteristics desired for our rosé. The Corvina varietal dominates in terms of percentage and was chosen because it is one of the principal cultivars in our territory and for the floral aroma it gives the wine as well as guaranteeing significant acidity. Trebbiano brings elegance and a long aftertaste; Syrah gives fine fruit and spice notes to the glass and finally, Carmenère creates structure, ensuring stability over time.

     It is ideal as an aperitif  and  as  an  accompaniment to the most delicate dishes.  

  • Piccini Memoro Rossato

    Piccini Memoro Rossato

    Light, fresh and bright, displaying aromas of raspberry, red currant and delicate wild mint notes. Good palate weight, with ripe flavours of strawberry, raspberry and red cherry. Well balanced and clean finish. Great as an aperitif or with summer light meals, white meat or flavourful fish.

    40 % Negroamaro 30% Nero d'Avola 20% Montepulciano 10% Merlot del Veneto

  • Pietramore Cerasuolo

    Pietramore Cerasuolo

    Intense cherry red colour with a delicately fruity and floral aroma and a fresh, agreeable, full and flarousome taste.

  • Terzini Cerasuolo Rose

    Terzini Cerasuolo Rose

    Bright pink, aromatic fruity with a small red fruit and strawberry scent, not firmly structured, but intense and well balanced with good persistence, pleasant with appetisers, cheeses, white meats and some kinds of fish, such as Mediterranean fish soup or roasted fish.