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  • Sofi Spritz Lemon   Elderflower 500ml

    Sofi Spritz Lemon Elderflower 500ml

    Sofi Spritz - Lemon & Elderflower, was inspired by the Hugo Spritz from the Italian Alps. It’s made by adding Lemon & Elderflower to a South Australian Riesling with a dash of sparkling water. Naturally sweetened by the grapes so there is no need for added sugar.


    Bitter-sweet with a clean, fragrant finish. Citrus notes of the Eden Valley Riesling complements the lemon juice. The addition of elderflower provides complexity and depth to an otherwise, crisp and refreshing taste balances the natural sweetness of the Riesling grapes.


    Pour over ice with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint.