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Valdo Prosecco Quintini 200ml

Valdo Prosecco Quintini 200ml

Valdo Prosecco Quintini 200ml


VALDO is the name synonymous with Prosecco. Located right in the heart of the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG production area, in Italy the Valdo Winery has been cultivating this unique area for generations. Over 80 years of passion for its vineyards, care for its cellars and love for wine have led Valdo to successfully promote the culture of Prosecco throughout the world, and to receive prestigious accolades year after year for its range. VALDO PROSECCO TREVISO DOC  features a typical mildly fruity bouquet reminiscent of ripe wild apples and the scent of acacia flowers. Its taste on the palate is decidedly fruity with a bright and zesty finish. Pairs very well as an all-meal sparkling wine and aperitif.

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SKU: 6331. Category: Amatos Gift Ideas/Birthday Gifts.

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