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  • Mcwilliams Semi Sweet Apera 2lt

    Mcwilliams Semi Sweet Apera 2lt

  • Mcwilliams Semi Sweet Apera 750ml

    Mcwilliams Semi Sweet Apera 750ml

    Lifted fruit with wood aged characters present. Fresh fruit flavours with a nutty rancio finish.

  • Mcwilliams Smooth Tawny

    Mcwilliams Smooth Tawny

  • Mcwilliams Sweet Sherry Apera 2lt

    Mcwilliams Sweet Sherry Apera 2lt

    Medium bodied wine showing sherry characters, integrated oak and a soft finish

  • Morris Bin 158 Durif

    Morris Bin 158 Durif

    Fresh aromas of blackberry and violets, complex with subtle cedar characteristics from oak influence. A full bodied wine with rich concentrated plum and berry fruit flavours balanced with solid tannins and a hint of oak influence, giving great structure and length.

    Ideal with a rib eye steak or blue cheese.

  • Osborne Tawny Porto

    Osborne Tawny Porto

  • Pieter Van Gent White Port

    Pieter Van Gent White Port

    This is the only White Port produced in the Mudgee region and is a smooth, luscious port showing nectareous overtones.

  • Seppeltsfield Para Port 10year

    Seppeltsfield Para Port 10year

    A powerful bouquet displaying an excellent balance of rich fruit, nutty vanillin oak and a hint of chocolate. Further complexity is derived from the aged rancio character and fine brandy spirit, the epitome of the Para liqueur style. Full bodied, rich and luscious, with concentrated lingering flavours. With aging the wine has become complex, smooth and melow. A pronounced rancio character is also evident, derived from extended oak maturation. Para Grand is named after the Para River that flows through the centre of the Barossa Valley and instantly recognisable in its unique bottle. Para quickly became an Australian legend with a distinctive style, highlighting rich fruit flavours and great aged complexity.
  • Seppeltsfield Para Rare Tawny Port 18yr

    Seppeltsfield Para Rare Tawny Port 18yr

    Complex and evolving. Rich and aged characters of old leather and spicy dark fruit cake are complemented by lifted citrus aromatics - the result of a careful blending addition of Rich Rare Apera. Showcases the richness, sophistication and depth of the aged Tawny components. Increased baume delivered by age and maturation is balanced by the Rich Rare Apera, which brings with it citrus peel, aldehyde and rancio. The Para Rare Tawny style is characterised by two main elements - selected aged material identified for its increased richness and complexity, which is then balanced by the careful blending addition of Rich Rare Apera (Oloroso Sherry). The result is a sophisticated, alluring Tawny with a hallmark length of palate.