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Darenberg Organic Witches Chardonnay

Darenberg Organic Witches Chardonnay

Darenberg Organic Witches Chardonnay

$22.99 - $20.99 (by the mix case)

An appealing nose that is fruit driven and lifted. Peach, pineapple and Granny Smith all sing out, adequately supported by a subtle nutty aroma which adds a whisper of savouriness. The palate is generous, round and unctuous through the first half then takes on a more refined, almost saline, line and length. One can almost sense the sunshine in the glass. Well considered oak sits in the background, adding more texturally than anything else, perhaps a fine hint of cedar but certainly nothing sweet. Ready to go the moment you open the bottle, no need to wait.

Best served a few degrees above fridge temperature to take advantage of those wonderful fruits and the generous texture.

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$22.99 ea

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SKU: 14140. Category: Wine/Chardonnay.

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