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Jelinek Hruskovice 700ml Pear

Jelinek Hruskovice 700ml Pear

Jelinek Hruskovice 700ml Pear


The production of this pear brandy by Rudolf Jelínek is located in faraway Chile, because a large number of Williams pears are produced in this place. This variety is good for making distillate for its aroma and taste. Everything is supervised by the masters of the distillery from Vizovice.

Pear brandy is produced by three-stage distillation, during the transport of the drink in tanks across the ocean there is a perfect blending of tastes and aromas. Pear brandy is recommended to be served slightly chilled. If you want to diversify the consumption of pear brandy a little, you can put a piece of pear in the glass.

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SKU: 14979. Category: Spirits/Liqueurs.

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6 bottles

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