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Russo 500ml Arancello

Russo 500ml Arancello

Russo 500ml Arancello


Arancello is a very pleasant liqueur whose main ingredient is the splendid Sicilian oranges; of them only the peel rich in perfumes and aromas is used. The oranges are peeled by hand, taking care not to remove the white part that could give the product a slightly bitter taste. 

Arancello di Sicilia is served chilled in small glasses also kept in the freezer and is excellent as a dessert; to enrich a fruit salad and as a digestive to be served at the end of a meal. Its particular aroma also makes it an indispensable ingredient in the preparation of refined drinks and cocktails.

The finished product has a yellow-green color. On the nose it shows an intense orange scent. At first taste it has a full, mellow taste; leaves in the mouth a pleasant sensation of freshness and aromas, the scents of the splendid Sicily.

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