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Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling

Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling

Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling

$13.99 - $12.99 (by the mix case)

Crouchen Riesling has been a stalwart in the Australian wine industry since the early 1970s and the release of a Crouchen Riesling Rosť brings an exciting extension to the range. Thanks to the addition of a small amount of Cienna to the classic Crouchen Riesling blend, this wine has a vibrant and lively ruby pink colour, while the nose is filled with aromas of strawberries, lemon and passionfruit. The aromas follow through to the palate with mouth filling natural grape sweetness and a crisp balancing acidity. This wine should be served well chilled and enjoyed when young and fresh.

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$13.99 ea

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SKU: 1951105. Category: Wine/Blended Whites.

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