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  • Philip Shaw Pink Billy Rose

    Philip Shaw Pink Billy Rose

  • Pierre Damour Rose

    Pierre Damour Rose

    Crisp, vibrant and an easy drinking style. The palate bursts with alluring flavours of fresh red berries, classic dry savoury notes & a refreshing finish.. Very chic!

  • Pikes Luccio Sangiovese Rose

    Pikes Luccio Sangiovese Rose

    With a light, bright salom colour comes extraordinary taste. Displays of fresh cranberry and red currant aromas cna be found, adding a touch of cream, creating a spotlessly clean and very attractive rose. Your palate will be excited with a bright cranberry and cherry fruit flavour that has just enough acid to balance the hint of sweetness in the wine. This wine is perfect for the warmer months, all for a drink all year round! Goes well with a salumi plate or terrine.  

  • Portsea Estate Rose

    Portsea Estate Rose

    Delicate salmon-pink blush, jasmine, cherry, strawberry and citrus rind aromas. 

    Crisp acidity with a dry savoury finish. 

  • Ramon Bilbao Rose

    Ramon Bilbao Rose

    Pale salmon in colour, showing citrus fruits, orange peel and white flowers. Fresh and light in mouth. Modern and casual, pairing well with appetisers and cold dishes like white asparagus, seafood salad and beef carpaccio.

  • Raw Vine Organic Rose

    Raw Vine Organic Rose

    Organic, preservative free, vegan friendly
  • Rosnay Rose Organic And Preservative Free

    Rosnay Rose Organic And Preservative Free

    Classic Southern French style rose – made from Mourvedre, dry, vibrant and fruity with a savoury undercurrent. Preservative free and Vegan friendly.

  • Sacred Hill Rose

    Sacred Hill Rose

    Fresh juicy summer berry aromas with a hint of spice. Vibrant berry and cherry flavours with touch of rose petal and spice. This Rosé finishes with a touch of sweetness and a lingering acid finish.

  • Scarborough Pinot Rose

    Scarborough Pinot Rose

  • Spy Valley Pinot Noir Rose

    Spy Valley Pinot Noir Rose

    Citrus flower, strawberry and rock-melon. Sweet red fruit and cherry flavours with medium bodied structure. The finish is crisp and dry.

  • Stonefish Rose

    Stonefish Rose

    This Margaret River Rosé features a fresh and elegant palate of berries, with a soft, creamy mouthfeel and clean finish. Best enjoyed slightly chilled.

  • Tamburlane Rose Organic

    Tamburlane Rose Organic

    The rich aromas are reminiscent of strawberries, rose petals, musk and cherries. Generous sweet berry flavours with a smooth finish.

    This fine Rosé wine should be served chilled. It is an excellent aperitif and also complements spicy Asian style dishes, anti-pasto, and tapas style food very well.