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Spanish Reds

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  • Arnegui Rioja Crianza

    Arnegui Rioja Crianza

    Intense cherry red in colour, with hints of blue. Deep red fruit aromas and notes of vanilla on the nose and sweet tannin on the palate. This is a well-integrated and complex wine that finds the perfect balance between fruit and wood.

  • Arnegui Tinto Joven

    Arnegui Tinto Joven

  • Baluarte Roble

    Baluarte Roble

    Cherry red color, clean and bright. Medium-high intensity. Intense and expressive. Red fruits, with fine wood hints. Soft, velvety, good structure. Pleasant and long finish, very fruity. 

  • Beronia Crianza Rioja

    Beronia Crianza Rioja

    Red garnet colour with a violet rim. On the nose reminders of fresh fruit such as strawberry, blackberry and cherry with touches of liquorice and notes of fine wood. On the mouth smooth and fruity. Fresh and well balanced with notes of chocolate and coffee.

  • Bierzo Cuarto Pasos

    Bierzo Cuarto Pasos

    A young wine with a morello cherry red colour with subtle violet reflects. Earthy cherry, with a kind of swirling blend of spice, floral notes, fine oak treatment, a bit of funky bacon and some coffee. The palate shows more blueberries and a touch of plum, with a core of cherry fruit.

  • Campos De Luz

    Campos De Luz

    On the nose, the wines are floral with notes of fresh berries and ground black pepper. The begins with a rush of juicy fruit, followed by a full palate with very soft tannins. A wine which is very easy to drink alone or with food.

  • Campos De Risca

    Campos De Risca

  • Campos De Risca

    Campos De Risca

  • Campos De Risca

    Campos De Risca

    Very deep ruby red, with a hint of the violet colours of a young wine. On the nose aromas of stewed black berries and jams, with spicy notes of pepper. The palate has a good acidity which keeps the wine fresh and juicy. Full and weighty, the wine has a long and pleasant aftertaste.

  • Cano Tempranillo Grenache

    Cano Tempranillo Grenache

    Deep, cherry red colour, with purplish reflections. This wine exhibits aromas of red fruits and fruit of the forest (cherry, raspberry, mulberry) on the nose. On the palate it is fruity and tasty, with a long-lasting finish.

  • El Coto Rioja Crianza Red

    El Coto Rioja Crianza Red

     The nose preserves the fresh fruit and liquorice aromas typical of Tempranillo. Good balance in the mouth – silky, velvety, with a good aromatic intensity throughout.

  • Elefante Tempranillo Shiraz

    Elefante Tempranillo Shiraz