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Coopers Pale Ale 375ml Green

Coopers Pale Ale 375ml Green

Coopers Pale Ale 375ml Green

$56.99 (Hot Case Price)

Guaranteed to turn heads, this is the beer that inspired a new generation of ale drinkers. With its fruity character, and robust flavour, Coopers Pale Ale is perfect for every occasion.

Naturally fermented in the 'Burton-on-Trent' style, a secondary fermentation creates the trademark sediment that gives 'Pale' its fine cloudy appearance. This cloudy residue can be stirred through the beer by tipping or rolling the bottle before drinking.

Pale Ale has no additives or preservatives.

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$56.99 - (case 24)

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SKU: 1101257. Category: Beer/Craft Beer.

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