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  • Badlands Ipa Cans 355ml

    Badlands Ipa Cans 355ml

    This beer is for hop lovers. Fruity southern hemisphere hops give  spicy citrus hit. The solid malt bckbone and assertive bitterness bring the beer into balance. 

  • Badlands Jaxon Red Ipa 440ml Cans

    Badlands Jaxon Red Ipa 440ml Cans

    Rich toffee and treacle malt backbone is exploded with hops.  The highly sought after American hop varieties Simcoe,  and Mosaic are counterbalanced by Aussie grown Cascade, and Galaxy hops. Grapefruit, melon, bubble gum and passionfruit flavours come through and a soft but robust bitterness rounds out the picture.

  • Badlands Neipa Acronym Abuse Cans 440ml

    Badlands Neipa Acronym Abuse Cans 440ml

    Upfront tropical aromas of Lemon Zest, Lychee, Mandarin and Passionfruit. Smooth, lush candy mid pallet with a mellow bitterness to clean and claim another sip. Badlands’ take on the style is to a lighter haze and a firmer bitterness than some. 

  • Badlands Nw Pils Cans 355ml

    Badlands Nw Pils Cans 355ml

    Celebrate this royal marriage! Hailing from a wine region and socialising with wine-maker friends was bound to rub off on my beer making one day. A NZ-hopped Czech-style Pils brewed with European Pilsener malt and a classic bottom-fermenting lager yeast.

  • Badlands Pale Ale 330ml

    Badlands Pale Ale 330ml

    A Golden ale, with a fresh, soft palette, unique fruity hint and a snappy bitterness in the finish that calls for another … dangerously drinkable.

  • Badlands Uboat Beer 330ml Cans

    Badlands Uboat Beer 330ml Cans

    With rich malt flavours and spicy hops aromas, it's a must-try.

  • Baladin Isaac 330ml

    Baladin Isaac 330ml

    The creamy head, the intentionally cloudy, apricot color and the scent of yeast and citrus, which blend into spicy harmonies of coriander and peeled oranges, call you from the glass. Refreshing to the palate, it has a light body and is very easy to drink.

  • Baladin Isaac Sour 750ml Bottles

    Baladin Isaac Sour 750ml Bottles

  • Baladin Leon 330ml Bottles

    Baladin Leon 330ml Bottles

  • Baladin Leon 750ml

    Baladin Leon 750ml

    Dark, with a good head, Leön mesmerizes with its explosion of scents and aromas which evoke a festive atmosphere, full of cuddles and lazy times. Originally created as a Christmas ale, its chocolate notes mixed with the aromas of dried fruit, licorice and toffee are unforgettable.

    LEÖN, combined with food, it expresses its best features with chocolate – in all its forms – as well as with flavorful meat dishes and blue cheeses.

  • Baladin Mielika 750m

    Baladin Mielika 750m

    A beer with bright copper hues, a slight, homogeneous hazy appearance and with a moderate cream colored head. It immediately releases scents of honey and a subtle aroma of yellow fruit, and then closes with notes of biscuits and delicate balsamic hints.

    When sipped, it strikes with its delicate sweetness and the balance between the notes of honey - which are there, but are not cloying - fruit and flowers, ranging from mature apricots to chamomile blossoms.

  • Baladin Noel Chocolate Beer 750ml

    Baladin Noel Chocolate Beer 750ml