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Gargiulo Limone Btt Evoo 250ml

Gargiulo Limone Btt Evoo 250ml

Gargiulo Limone Btt Evoo 250ml


Exclusive to Amatos Liquor Mart

250ml Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Sorrento lemons. 

To produce our extra virgin, lemon infused oil – we exclusively use certified IGP lemons, which means only they must have been grown and cultivated in the Sorrentine Peninsula or on the Island of Capri, with their distant oval shape, their yellow straw colour, and intensely flavoured rind. To make 100 litres of lemon oil, we use no less than 74 kilos of rind to infuse the oil to the highest level.
The oil has multiple uses but lends itself particularly well to fish and salad dishes.

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SKU: 13954. Category: Food/Olive Oil.

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