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Soft Drinks

Click the View link to see more details or to purchase cartons or other pack sizes if available.
  • Capi Tonic Water 750ml

    Capi Tonic Water 750ml

  • Coca Cola 1250ml Bottle

    Coca Cola 1250ml Bottle

  • Coca Cola 300ml

    Coca Cola 300ml

  • Coca Cola No Sugar 1.25ml

    Coca Cola No Sugar 1.25ml

  • Derby Bitterino 100ml

    Derby Bitterino 100ml

  • Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water 200ml

    Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water 200ml

    Our Premium Indian Tonic water uses a handful of different botanicals, including our distinctive natural quinine and oils from Mexican Bitter Oranges, to give a uniquely clean and refreshing taste and aroma.

    Designed to enhance the very best gins or vodkas.

  • Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water 200ml

    Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water 200ml

    We use less quinine in our Mediterranean Tonic which, with the addition of rosemary and lemon thyme, produces a much lighter, more fragrant tonic.

    This tonic has a softer taste than the indian tonic.

    Perfect mixed with gins, vodkas, whiskies. 

  • Galvanina Chinotto Organic 355ml

    Galvanina Chinotto Organic 355ml

    With the natural aroma of Calabrian chinotto sour oranges, enriched with aromatic herb extracts, Galvanina Chinotto stands out thanks to its rounded flavor and bouquet of very intense fragrances. 

    With an unmistakable character, given by the intense fragrance of citrus fruits and spices, Galvanina Chinotto is thirst-quenching on its own. It is also particularly popular as an aperitif and is especially intriguing as an ingredient for preparing cocktails and mocktails. 

  • Galvanina Cola Organic 355ml

    Galvanina Cola Organic 355ml

    Galvanina reinterprets the traditional flavor of Cola in an organic key, for a delightful drink for all ages. The perfect companion at any time of day, its freshness is exalted by its lingering effervescence. 

    Refreshing on its own, it is a great accompaniment to any dish and is extraordinary as a mixer. 

  • Galvanina Peach Iced Tea Organic 355ml

    Galvanina Peach Iced Tea Organic 355ml

    Based on an original recipe that features a blend of an infusion of select Darjeeling tea leaves from India and organically-grown peaches, Galvanina Peach Tea embodies the fragrance and magic of summer.

    Providing a hint of freshness is lemon juice, which enhances the olfactory impact of Galvanina Peach Tea, making it an interesting ingredient in mixology for creating alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks, as well as being delicious as a refreshing and truly thirst-quenching stand-alone drink. 

  • Jarritos Mexican Cola 370ml

    Jarritos Mexican Cola 370ml

    So rich, made in México with 100% real sugar and a special touch.
    Nothing beats an ice cold Jarritos Cola in a glass bottle on a hot summers day!

  • Joes Classics Green Smoothie 350ml

    Joes Classics Green Smoothie 350ml

    Perfect for busy mornings or afternoon slumps, it gives you the zest you need to zip through the day. Enjoy this natural and healthy drink. 

    94% fruit juice