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Dom Perignon 2012

Dom Perignon 2012

Dom Perignon 2012


Pours with a frothy mousse that shows good hold over the pale straw coloured base. Flecks of pale gold are littered around the edges and an exceptionally fine, vivid bead courses its way through the core. Complex aromatics of toasty yeast lees characters, pear, citrus, roasted almonds and brioche filter their way through the nostrils. Airy yet nimble across the palate with a satiny feel, pear and citrus fruits interplay with notions of yeast lees, light baked bread characters, subtle cashew and traces of oiliness. Excellent concentration and power finishing dry with crisp acidity and a long expressive aftertaste.

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$375.00 ea

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SKU: 9410. Category: Sparkling Wines/Champagne.

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3 bottles