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  • Pampelle Ruby Lapero Aperitif 700ml

    Pampelle Ruby Lapero Aperitif 700ml

    An aperitif made for you, only you, but also everyone else.With Ruby Red Grapefruits hand-picked in Corsica.And crafted on the banks of the River Charente.Cheers your Spritz to an artisanal contradiction of bitter-sweet citrus & natural botanicals.

  • Poli Airone Rosso 700ml

    Poli Airone Rosso 700ml

    Infusion in Grappa and vermouth of spices and aromatic herbs, intense and fruity bouquet, mandarin, sweet with a pleasantly bitterish final

  • Poli Super Taurus Bitter

    Poli Super Taurus Bitter

    Timeless, like a Negroni cocktail enjoyed during a well-deserved relaxing break.

    Bitter liqueur with natural infusion of citrus peels, bittering herbs and spices.

    Its intense aroma recalls a red orange zest surrounded by gentian and liquorice roots.

  • Rosso Antico

    Rosso Antico

    A strong ruby-red colour. A taste that hits the right notes between sweet and bitter together with a refined aroma of herbs and spices. A lovely young aperitif, one of the most highly appreciated in Italy since the sixties. Created out of mixing 32 selected herbs with an excellent matured wine, it is moderately alcoholic and can be drunk neat, with ice or with orange juice, or also as the perfect base for preparing cocktails.

  • Select Pilla Aperitif 1 Litre

    Select Pilla Aperitif 1 Litre

    SELECT is made by carefully blending 30 botanicals, including juniper berries and rhubarb roots and undergoing a careful and complex maceration, boiling and distillation process. The result, a sophisticated aromatic profile and a well, balanced bittersweet taste. 
    Strong and tonic primary notes, with citrus fruit and essential oils, combined with fresh balsamic resinous eucalyptus and menthol notes which mainly come from the juniper distillate. Complex and herbaceous secondary notes. Complex and intense with bitter notes coming from roots and bark. The spicy and tropical notes marry perfectly with the citrusy ones. Pleasantly persistent aftertaste with fresh and rich notes coming from the citrus fruits and essential oils.