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Wild Turkey Russells Reserve

Wild Turkey Russells Reserve

Wild Turkey Russells Reserve


Handcrafting superior small batch bourbon takes hard work, dedication and more than a barrelful of experience and patience. It starts with a generations-old grain mash recipe. After fermentation, Russell's Reserve is distilled at a lower proof than other whiskies produced in Kentucky, so only a little water is added when the barrels are filled for aging.

And those barrels are aged the traditional way – with no heaters or air conditioning, just Mother Nature working her magic.

Russell's Reserve is matured in barrels with the deepest #4 char, or "alligator" char, ensuring the maximum flavor and colour is developed during aging.

Only a handful of barrels are deemed worthy of creating the impeccable Russell's Reserve. Fortunately for bourbon lovers, Jimmy and Eddie are able to draw on more than 86 years of combined experience to select just the right barrels for the perfect taste.

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