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  • Strega Limoncello Liqueur

    Strega Limoncello Liqueur

    This lemon infused liqueur is produced with the finest lemons from the coast of Sorrento and Amalfi. It is a wonderful after dinner drink and it is best served ice cold.

  • Strega Liqueur 700ml

    Strega Liqueur 700ml

    Perfectly natural product, it obtains its typical yellow colour from the saffron added to the alcoholic infusion; then a long fermentation in oak vats concurs to the perfect balance of the aromas and contributes to the characteristic fine, smooth and soft taste.

  • Strega Liquirizia Liqueur 500ml

    Strega Liquirizia Liqueur 500ml

  • Tia Maria 700ml

    Tia Maria 700ml

  • Toschi Amaretto 700m

    Toschi Amaretto 700m

    From the great Toschi tradition, an inimitable international taste. Other than being drunksmooth or with ice, Toschi Amaretto is being used in fantastic cocktail and long drinks.

  • Toschi Fragoli Liqueur

    Toschi Fragoli Liqueur

    Wild strawberries fruit liquor with whole fruit. Serve cold not at room temperature.

    Ideal to enrich fruit salads or as topping for ice cream

  • Toschi Nocello Box

    Toschi Nocello Box

    Walnut and hazelnut liqueur has a delicate and pleasant bouquet. Sweet, smooth aromatic flavour makes it ideal mix for cocktails as a culinary addition or use to give a twist of flavour to your coffee.

  • Vedrenne Liqueur Di Pasteque Watermelon

    Vedrenne Liqueur Di Pasteque Watermelon

    On the palate its very fruity, sweet with a good length.

  • Vedrenne Liqueur Di Pasteque Watermelon

    Vedrenne Liqueur Di Pasteque Watermelon

  • Vedrenne Super Cassis 700ml

    Vedrenne Super Cassis 700ml

    An explosive and vegetal nose in which all the blackcurrant's power is expressed, confirmed on the palate with the brilliance of the fruit flavours.

    A great delicacy followed by perfect length, rich of fresh aromas enhanced by a delicate hint of acidity.

    Enjoy Supercassis and its fabulous aromas, pure, on its own, over ice.

    Or with white wine or with sparkling wine and Champagne, according to the French traditional kir and kir royal recipes.

    SUPERCASSIS brings your cocktails alive, with vermouth or tequila or for unique "cassispolitan" and colourful cassis martini.

    It is also a marvellous accompaniment to desserts or as a topping over vanilla or lemon or red berries ice creams.

  • Vok Advokaat

    Vok Advokaat

    VOK Advokaat Liqueur is a blend of fresh eggs, cane sugar mellow brandy with a hint of vanilla.This smooth and creamy liqueur is most famously used in the classic cocktail; the fluffy duck.

  • Vok Blue Curacao

    Vok Blue Curacao

    VOK Blue Curacao Liqueur adds its distinctive vibrant blue colour to many classic cocktail recipes. The orange flavoured liqueur is made from the dried peel of oranges found on the Caribbean Island of Curacao.