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  • Finlandia Vodka

    Finlandia Vodka

  • Five Lakes Vodka

    Five Lakes Vodka

    Five lakes Special was made with natural infusion of Western Siberia meadow herbs, sweet clover and holy grass. It has subtle hints of thyme and sweet herbs in its flavour. Five lakes vodka is made in Siberia, away from buzz and rush, in lands of clear lakes and pristine taiga. To make Five lakes, only natural water which from taiga lakes is used. This water is clear and unique — it is oxygenated and contains silver. The locals call it the life-giving water.

  • Five Vodka 43%

    Five Vodka 43%

    Five times distilled for purity but with an increased amount of barley spirit from the Penderyn still to create a smoothness and complexity expected by connoisseurs, the new FIVE Vodka has a smooth fruity twist. Add to this an abv 43% and you know you are drinking something quite exceptional.

  • Grey Goose Vodka 700ml

    Grey Goose Vodka 700ml

    Grey Goose Vodka achieves its signature smoothness and character using the finest ingredients and an unrivalled level of craftsmanship. The highest quality of ingredients is used to create the world's best tasting vodka.


  • Hartshorn Sheep Whey Vodka 40% 500ml

    Hartshorn Sheep Whey Vodka 40% 500ml

    Creamy sweet nose, velvet body with a smooth attitude to finish. The nose has a delicate brown sugar sweetness with a delightful floral undertone. Upon tasting you are welcomed with fresh pear and golden apple. Rounding out with hints of wild spice, leather and mineral freshness to finish. Super smooth with little heat and plenty of character.

    World Vodka Award 2018, Worlds Best Vodka.

  • Imperial Collection Gold Snow 700ml

    Imperial Collection Gold Snow 700ml

  • Kremlin Award Classic Vodka

    Kremlin Award Classic Vodka

    Kremlin Award Classic was found and elaborated with pride and respect to Russian Classic roots of handcrafted Vodkas. The recipe is created on the ground of heritage formula and centuries-old experience of ancient Russian vodka makers, combined with modern traditions.
    The finished blend remains in the tanks for two weeks and only after re-tasting it comes to bottling. Kremlin Award Classic vodka is soft and has a long sweet after-taste.
    A top-quality vodka with a subtle and pleasant aroma with a touch of refined rye revealing its finesse and character. The first sip notices the soft and velvety long lasting taste. It brings a brightly expressed roundness and fruity after-taste.

  • Luksusowa Vodka

    Luksusowa Vodka

    Luksusowa Vodka has an exceptionally delicate flavour and smooth-subtle taste.

    It is produced from distillate of selected potatoes, luxury quality distillate (the highest grade) and that is the reason why it is called Luxury (Luksusowa) Vodka, because of the quality, unofficially best quality potato vodka in the world. 40% Alc/Vol

  • Medos Honey Vodka

    Medos Honey Vodka

  • Outerspace Vodka 700ml

    Outerspace Vodka 700ml

    5 times distilled from the finest American corn. 100% Gluten Free. Gold Medal Award winning SIP 2016. But ultimately, up to you, earthling.

  • Russian Standard Vodka 700ml

    Russian Standard Vodka 700ml


    Russian Standard Original is vodka as it should be. The authentic benchmark for premium Russian vodkas. Flavour and aroma is spicy and slightly sweet with a long pronounced peppery finish.

  • Skyy Vodka 700ml

    Skyy Vodka 700ml

    SKYY Vodka originated in San Francisco in 1988 when Maurice Kanbar, entrepreneur & inventor, developed an innovative method of production capable of yielding a vodka with the fewest impurities among leading brands.