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D'arenberg Money Spider Roussanne

D'arenberg Money Spider Roussanne

D'arenberg Money Spider Roussanne

$20.99 - $18.99 (by the mix case)

The pretty nose has many subtle nuances with notes of flowers, pine needle, snow pea, preserved lemon and cooked apple. The palate has a medium weight with a linear citrus acidity and a long finish. More exotic Characters are present with elements of dried paw paw, honeydew melon, ginger and nectarine with a savoury edge of pistachio and pine nut. This is a complex and unique wine that provide immense interest as both a young and a mature wine. A versatile food wine it will pair well with a range of dishes from grilled snapper to a chicken, pumpkin and pine nut risotto.

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SKU: 4154. Category: Wine/Blended Whites.

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