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Dog Ridge All Rounder Grenache

Dog Ridge All Rounder Grenache

Dog Ridge All Rounder Grenache

$23.99 - $21.99 (by the mix case)

All-rounders stand apart from the specialists. They are flexible and reliable showing great sportsmanship and skill in all positions. They play for the team and can doggedly save the day or fill any gap, but when singled out they may not dazzle but can shine as bright as any star. Our wonderful WW2 Grenache vines are capable of an amazing range from opera to rock, from tango to tap with these gnarled ancients producing Rhone-ish character and complexity from perfumed confectionery to savoury earthiness. All singing! All dancing! All round delight!

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$23.99 ea

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SKU: 8431. Category: Wine/Grenache.

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Mclaren Vale, S.a.




12 bottles