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Pocketwatch Pinot Noir

Pocketwatch Pinot Noir

Pocketwatch Pinot Noir

$12.99 - $11.99 (by the mix case)

Pocketwatch Pinot Noir continues the Oatley family history of fine craftsmanship. We blended a number of parcels of grapes from vineyards in the Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley of Victoria to produce a delicious, typically varietal Pinot displaying bright red cherry and raspberry fruits, gentle earthy forest floor complexity and only the lightest touch of oak. It is a very approachable wine, soft and easy to drink – some may say too much so.

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$12.99 ea

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SKU: 1479. Category: Wine/Pinot Noir.

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Mornington And Yarra Valley, Victoria




12 bottles