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Craft Beer

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  • Four Pines Draught Kolsch 330ml

    Four Pines Draught Kolsch 330ml

     For the beer drinker after an uncomplicated, great tasting beer for all occasions, Kolsch is your hero. The 4 Pines Kolsch is your ultimate gateway to the joy of craft beer, a light straw colour with aromas of lemon and lime, 4 Pines’ Kolsch offers a light malty palate, finishing crisp and clean and showing hints of spice and citrus. Perfect for those sweltering 30+ degree days when your thongs are melting to the tarmac and the plastic furniture is in the pool so you can watch the cricket outside.

    The real all-rounder, drink it at your next BBQ or with fresh fish or seafood. Also sits nicely next to your favourite pizza, Thai, Indian or anything with a little spice.

  • Four Pines Hefeweizen

    Four Pines Hefeweizen

    German born wheat beer with a cloudy pale, straw-like appearance. Mild sweetness on the nose preluded by a beautiful balance of banana and clove characters on a well-rounded palate. Little hop bitterness, with a dry creamy finish.

  • Four Pines Pale Ale 330ml

    Four Pines Pale Ale 330ml

    Drinking 4 Pines Pale Ale is a bit like watching Natalie Portman juggle cats whilst riding a unicycle. Think delicate complexity. When poured, it’s a lovely deep ruby amber colour, preluding to aromas of pine, citrus, stone fruit and grapefruit, which overlay a malt background. On the palate medium to full-bodied malty flavours balance with a tight and bitter, hop-driven finish.

    Getting to the bigger end of town, the 4 Pines Pale Ale matches perfectly with red meats, hotter chilli and spice flavours, strong vintage cheddar or blue cheese.

  • Fox Hat Full Mongrel 10% Cans 375ml

    Fox Hat Full Mongrel 10% Cans 375ml

    This Russian Imperial Stout displays dark roasted malt goodness. Coffee, cacao and slightly burnt. Rounded out with the early fruit spice. Voluptuously full bodied. 

  • Fox Hat Heavy Handed Xpa Cans 375ml

    Fox Hat Heavy Handed Xpa Cans 375ml

    A light straw to golden colour in the glass, with a white head sitting atop, those hops were added late in the brewing process, creating an aroma full of citrus notes, orange marmalade, a touch of resin, and even some spice, accompanied by bready malts. There's a smidgen of sweetness early on, followed by citrus and a little grassiness on the palate in what's a relatively light-bodied. 

  • Fox Hat Phat Mongrel 375ml

    Fox Hat Phat Mongrel 375ml

    Oatmeal stout. 

    Deep black in colour, with a deliciously creamy head. The pungent, complex hop aroma combines with the rich roasted chocolate malt body.

  • Franziskaner Naturtrub 500ml Cans

    Franziskaner Naturtrub 500ml Cans

    The original fresh wheat beer taste. Franziskaner Hefe-Weißbier Naturtrüb is a natural and elegant Weissbier with a lush white foam. The copper golden wheat beer unfolds with an aromatic fragrance and harmonious banana and citrus fruits.

  • Frenchies Astrolabe Cans 330ml

    Frenchies Astrolabe Cans 330ml

    Malty, complex and enticing, this beer pours a deep ruby colour. 

    The nose is fruity and spicy. On the palate, the lean body allows the strength of the malt to shine with freshly toasted bread crust tones, caramelised dark stone fruit, spice and red berries. 

    The finish is long and dry. 

  • Frenchies Draught Kolsch 330ml

    Frenchies Draught Kolsch 330ml

    Our everyday smasher is clean with a delicate hoppiness from the noble French hop Strisselspalt.

    This draught is perfectly balanced, like your love for footy and great food. 

    This beer will accompany you everywhere.

  • Frenchies Laperouse Cans 330ml

    Frenchies Laperouse Cans 330ml

    Malty, complex and refreshing, this beer pours a light gold colour with notes of fresh baguette, white stone fruit and spice. 

    The lean body allows the smoothness of the malt to shine, finishing dry and with a subtle fruit note. "Beer for food and friend

  • Frenchies Le Temps Des Cerises 750ml Cherry Sour

    Frenchies Le Temps Des Cerises 750ml Cherry Sour

    This Krieka bbeer is a beer aged in French oak barrels formerly maturing La Boussole, this red ale has first been fermented clean in stainless steel with a mix of 2 yeast strains. At the end of fermentation it has been transferred into barrels on sweet and sour cherries. Once in barrels, it has aged 6 month with Belgian lactobacillus, pediococus and brettanomyces. After extracting enough oak and cherry character, the barrels have been blended to reach the perfect balance. It is smooth and round with clear confit cherries character, toasted cherry pit, oaky vanilla and funk. It is worth swirling and oxidating in the glass to release it's full presence. 

  • Grand Ridge Pale Ale Cans 375ml

    Grand Ridge Pale Ale Cans 375ml

    This full-strength American style pale ale pours a brilliant clear pale gold in the glass. It is subtly hopped with some of the newest Australian hops, providing a fresh take on classic floral, spicy and fruity notes.