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  • Berta Ventanni Grappa Di Barolo

    Berta Ventanni Grappa Di Barolo


    Complex, rounded, with great personality. Wonderful combination of different sensations. Displays ripe fruit, cherry, tobacco, cacao and vanilla. Extremely rich. Grappa at its highest level.

  • Bottega Grappa Fior De Latte

    Bottega Grappa Fior De Latte

    Fior di Latte is a creamy and sweet white chocolate and Grappa liqueur. Made with Grappa from the Veneto combined with silky white chocolate. Suitable as an after-dinner drink to be consumed chilled.

    Delicious with fresh strawberries.

  • Grappa 1885 Stravecchia Gift Box

    Grappa 1885 Stravecchia Gift Box

    Bright gold appearance. A hefty bouquet inlcudes raisin apricot compote, mango sorbet and beeswax. A light entry quickly builds into a round, fruity yet dry, medium bodied profile that includes praline cookie, dried apricot and olive bread. Finish is pleasantly spicy, clean and fresh. Excellent balance. Aftertaste is moreish as cinnamon and nutmeg play out into a subtle fruit and nut chocolate fade. Generously styled and very expressive. 42% Alc./Vol

  • Grappa Bianca Malvolti 700ml

    Grappa Bianca Malvolti 700ml

    A brilliant , limpid & colourless, a very fine and persistent bouquet. Harmonious and delicate flavour.

  • Grappa Edizione Farnese 500ml

    Grappa Edizione Farnese 500ml

    Amber coloured and clear. The aging in barriques gives this grappa an elegant perfume of yellow ripe fruits, cocoa and vanilla. It has a velvety and long lasting taste.

  • Grappa Fina Vecchia Malvolti

    Grappa Fina Vecchia Malvolti

    Clear, straw yellow colour, a dry, pleasant and smooth taste. A delicate bouquet typical of a noble aging.

  • Grappa Mazzetti Pinot Nero

    Grappa Mazzetti Pinot Nero

  • Grappa Mazzetti Ruche

    Grappa Mazzetti Ruche

    Extremely limited vine production, from Castagnole Monferrato. The resulting Grappa is refined, extremely particular for connoisseurs.

    Dry and yet imbued with aromatic floral notes (rose and violet) and fruity.

  • Grappa Negro Acquavite Di Vinaccia

    Grappa Negro Acquavite Di Vinaccia

    The marcs obtained by the fermentation of a few Piedmont grapes, distilled by steam in copper alembics give birth to this elegant white grappa Piemonte. Serve at room temperature at 18-20°C. Perfect at the end of a meal. Size: 700ml Alc/Vol: 40%.

  • Grappa San Marzano Sessantanni 60

    Grappa San Marzano Sessantanni 60

    The colour is amber. The nose has an elegant aroma with a lingering taste.

  • Marzadro 18 Lune Grappa Stravecchia

    Marzadro 18 Lune Grappa Stravecchia

    The bouquet becomes intense; it becomes more ethereal and harmonious. The taste loses the initial angularity and becomes rounded giving a perception of elegance and silk on the palate. The colour takes on warm amber tones. The Master Distiller continues the maturation until the ideal blend and harmony between wood and Grappa is achieved. Thus the Le Diciotto Lune Marzadro, refined Grappa for sipping, is made.

  • Marzadro 18 Lune Riserva Grappa Porto

    Marzadro 18 Lune Riserva Grappa Porto

    A second special edition of the Grappa Stravecchia, Le Diciotto Lune. Riserva Botte Porto comes from an additional aging period of eighteen months, in a limited number of selected barrels previously used to age Porto wine. The extra refinement highlights the sharper Grappa-wood contrast and the Porto barrels add a fruity scent. A combination of unique sensations.

    Grape varieties are Marzemino, Teroldego and Merlot, Muscat and Chardonnay.

    Ageing process, aged: 36 months
    Aging method, 18 months in small barrels made of different woods; 18 months in Porto barrels.