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  • Argiolas Grappa Turriga

    Argiolas Grappa Turriga

    Colourless, crystalline.Elegant. Mellow and velvety.

  • Beltion 1lt Pure Spirit 96 Percent 1 Litre

    Beltion 1lt Pure Spirit 96 Percent 1 Litre

    Alcool Cinquestelle is a pure ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin, useful for the preparation of alcoholic beverages.

  • Berta Roccanivo Grappa

    Berta Roccanivo Grappa

    Complex, delicate. Displays marasca cherry, fruits of the forest, cacao and vanilla. Rich, harmonious and persistent. Powerful and at the same time very delicate.

  • Berta Tre Soli Tre Grappa

    Berta Tre Soli Tre Grappa

    Rounded, with great personality. Wonderful combination of different sensations. Displays ripe fruit, blackcurrants, apricot, marasca cherry, cacao and vanilla.  Full impact right from the first sip, it reflects the sincerity of the greatest grape of Piemonte.

  • Bottega Grappa Fior De Latte

    Bottega Grappa Fior De Latte

    Fior di Latte is a creamy and sweet white chocolate and Grappa liqueur. Made with Grappa from the Veneto combined with silky white chocolate. Suitable as an after-dinner drink to be consumed chilled.

    Delicious with fresh strawberries.

  • Grappa Bianca Malvolti 700ml

    Grappa Bianca Malvolti 700ml

    A brilliant , limpid & colourless, a very fine and persistent bouquet. Harmonious and delicate flavour.

  • Grappa Edizione Farnese 500ml

    Grappa Edizione Farnese 500ml

    Amber coloured and clear. The aging in barriques gives this grappa an elegant perfume of yellow ripe fruits, cocoa and vanilla. It has a velvety and long lasting taste.

  • Grappa Evanelista Bianca

    Grappa Evanelista Bianca

    White Grappa obtained from the distillation of different vines.
  • Grappa Fina Vecchia Malvolti

    Grappa Fina Vecchia Malvolti

    Clear, straw yellow colour, a dry, pleasant and smooth taste. A delicate bouquet typical of a noble aging.

  • Grappa Masi Mezzanella Di Recioto Amarone 500ml

    Grappa Masi Mezzanella Di Recioto Amarone 500ml

  • Grappa Mazzetti Moscato

    Grappa Mazzetti Moscato

    Famous white Piedmont aromatic grape of ancient origin Its skins, from Canellese, make a fragrant, mellow grappa.

    Balanced, aromatic, with hints of special mix of flowers, fruits and herbs (sage, rose, violets and peach).

  • Grappa Mazzetti Nebbiolo Barolo 700ml

    Grappa Mazzetti Nebbiolo Barolo 700ml

    Grapes of ancient origin, considered valuable as early as the thirteenth century. This Grappa, which has a great personality, rests in oak barrels from two to five years, until it has modified its original sensory profile. In 2001 it won the only gold medal in Bordeaux assigned to a Grappa.


    Full, rich, tannic, with hints of floral, fruity, spicy (liquorice, vanilla, tobacco).