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Imported Beers

Click the View link to see more details or to purchase cartons or other pack sizes if available.
  • Sapporo Silver Can 650ml

    Sapporo Silver Can 650ml

    Sapporo Premium Beer is brewed with the Japanese attention to detail. The slow cool fermentation balances delicate hops and esters with a full malt character. The authentic brewing techniques and quality ingredients used have produced a crisp and refreshing lager beer.    

  • Sardegna Ichnusa 330ml

    Sardegna Ichnusa 330ml

    It is a true triumph of harmony: a balanced flavour, color and a discreet aroma, a pleasantly bitter note which gives it the right character accompanied with persistent froth.

    Moderately crisp and refreshing, tight and fine grain, with a light pleasant scent of hops.

  • Schofferhofer Hefe 18pk

    Schofferhofer Hefe 18pk

    This beer has a light, slightly spicy nose with some citrus hints, leading to a refreshing, lemony palate and perhaps a hint of peanut in the nose and mouth. Hefeweizen should be poured smoothly into a tilted, rinsed glass. Pause when there’s about a quarter of the bottle left, swirl the bottle to lift the sediment, then pour the rest into the glass to give a big, fragrant head and release the yeast into the beer to give a cloudy appearance.

  • Siciliana Messina 330ml

    Siciliana Messina 330ml

    Clean, light ,aromatic malt and grains are mixed with grassy and floral hops.

    A good clean lager flavour with a barely detectable tartness. Lots of grain flavour back up. Main flavours disappear fairly quickly, leaving some faint floral / vegetal flavours.

  • Singha Beer 330ml

    Singha Beer 330ml

    Singha Lager only uses the finest quality barley, malt & hops that are imported from around the world. These products are then blended with pure Artisian water producing a product pale yellow in colour, distinctively rich in flavor with strong hop & slightly spicy characters.

    Best before date March 2019

  • Sol Mexican 330ml

    Sol Mexican 330ml

  • St Feuillien Blonde

    St Feuillien Blonde

    This light ale has a deep golden colour with a smooth, frothy head. It is very perfumed with an unmistakable hint of aromatic hops and a fruity (citrus) note from the spices used in production. The body has an intense yet distinctive bitterness and a strong malty taste which is a delight to the palate. The overall effect, however, is a slight dryness and hoppiness.

  • St Feuillien Brune

    St Feuillien Brune

    This brown ale has a marked ruby brown colour with a generous and lasting head. It has a distinctive aroma reflecting the wide range of ingredients used in its production. The fruitiness resulting from its fermentation blends harmoniously with a dominant liquorice and caramel flavour.

    The body is decidedly malty. The bitterness is the result of a complex alchemy between the fine hops and special malts used. These give St Feuillien Brune a typical dark chocolate appearance.

  • Stella Artois 330ml

    Stella Artois 330ml

    The unique Stella Artois yeast strain (the very same yeast strain first used by the Artois brewmasters) adds a light to moderate fruity, cooked pineapple aroma and creates a clean, crisp medium bodied flavour with hints of cooked vegetable. The Saaz hop also produces a unique bitterness which is well balanced with the malted barley, giving Stella Artois a subtle but pleasant grainy, sweet finish.

  • Theresianer Lager 330ml

    Theresianer Lager 330ml

    This Premium Italian Lager is typically bright-golden with a beautiful, dense white foam. The aroma is an infusion of malt and yeastiness with hints of freshly baked bread.

    The moderate body carries sweet malty and fresh corn notes and a slight savoury hoppiness that adds a subtle and interesting dimension.

    The beer is flavoursome yet subdued, providing a satisfying, thirst-quenching appeal.

  • Theresianer Pilsener 330ml

    Theresianer Pilsener 330ml

    The Theresianer Pils pours with a rich golden colour and a classic white foam.

    Subtle Saaz hop aroma notes and a delicate malt note are evident in the fresh aroma. The slightly dry and firm bitter finish with hints of bitter hoppiness complete a picture of finesse and quality.

    An elegant interpretation of a classic style. Apply liberally to a parched throat.

  • Three Hills Ale Tryokhgomoe 4.9% 1lt

    Three Hills Ale Tryokhgomoe 4.9% 1lt

    Tryokhgornoe» original  - is a top fermented beer which can surprise classic lager lovers and connoisseurs of craft beer. It is distinguished by richness of taste with a mild sweet malt character. New hop variety “Polaris”  gives herbal and minty notes to a drink. Long and powerful aftertaste  with a pleasant dry bitterness. Color of a drink is «sunny amber