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Imported Beers

Click the View link to see more details or to purchase cartons or other pack sizes if available.
  • La Trappe Quadrupel 330ml

    La Trappe Quadrupel 330ml

    Quadrupel is La Trappe’s heaviest ale(10%) with a stunning amber colour. Its warm and intense flavour is rich and finely balanced. Malty sweet, slightly burnt, and pleasantly bitter with a sweet aftertaste. Quadrupel continues to ferment after bottling and offers aromas of banana, almond, vanilla and others.

  • Lech Beer 500ml Cans

    Lech Beer 500ml Cans

    Lech is a medium bodied beer characterized by average sweetness and mild bitterness. The beer offers a subtle fruity aroma and a clean, crisp taste.

  • Leffe Blonde Bottles

    Leffe Blonde Bottles

  • Leffe Brune Beer 330ml

    Leffe Brune Beer 330ml

  • Lindemans Kriek 355ml

    Lindemans Kriek 355ml

    A sparking cherry flavoured brew which is smooth and refreshing. Also sold as Foudroyante Kriek.

  • Maisels Weisse Dunkel 500ml

    Maisels Weisse Dunkel 500ml

  • Maisels Weisse Original 500ml

    Maisels Weisse Original 500ml

  • Mc Chouffe 8 Percent 330ml

    Mc Chouffe 8 Percent 330ml

  • Mc Chouffe Belgium Brune 8 Percent 750ml

    Mc Chouffe Belgium Brune 8 Percent 750ml

    Do not wait till its all gone. Heavily discounted because of the short date, best before January 2020. But dont be fooled, the beer is fantastic and very drinkable, buy now and save. Normally $135 a carton.

  • Menabrea Beer 330ml

    Menabrea Beer 330ml

    Lager beer produced by bottom fermentation. Premium Lager.
    Brewed with water, malt, maize, hops. The best raw materials, a long maturation and the pure, light water from the Biella Alps have given this beer, since 1846, a full and refined taste. It is a well-balanced beer with a notable floral/fruity aroma thanks to the selected yeasts used in the brewing process.

  • Moretti Beer 330ml

    Moretti Beer 330ml

    Birra Moretti is a quality beer made in the traditional way. It is the result of a production process that has remained almost unchanged since 1859.

    The best raw materials are used to make Birra Moretti, as well as a special blend of high quality hops that gives it a unique taste and fragrance, enhancing its perfectly balanced bitter taste.

    Its alcohol content is 4.6 percent alcohol by volume, a percentage that makes it ideal for any time of day. In fact, it is not a strong beer and is therefore perfect for drinking at lunch, at dinner or for evenings out with friends

    At a meal, this beer is perfect for enhancing simpler dishes: risottos, pasta dishes, main dishes featuring white meats and fresh cheeses.

  • Moretti Cans 500ml

    Moretti Cans 500ml