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Imported Beers

Click the View link to see more details or to purchase cartons or other pack sizes if available.
  • Peroni Leggera 330ml

    Peroni Leggera 330ml

    The latest addition to the Peroni Collection, Leggera delivers the unmistakeably crisp, refreshing taste and fine subtle aroma that is signature of the Peroni brand. Leggera is brewed to be low carb and deliver a 3.5% ABV – it’s the perfect accompaniment for the stylish lunch or when you just want to enjoy the occasion for longer.

  • Peroni Libera Zero Non Alcohol

    Peroni Libera Zero Non Alcohol

    A pale golden, crisp beer with citrusy hoppy & fruity notes, with a crisp and refreshing finish.

  • Peroni Nastro 660ml

    Peroni Nastro 660ml

    Peroni Nastro Azzurro is the premium Italian beer that is brewed using nothing less than finest hops, purest Italian water, best Italian maize and malted barley and the most rigorous, quality assured brewing process. It is this unique Italian blend of ingredients that helps make Peroni Nastro Azzurro una birra superiore.

  • Peroni Puro Malto Gran Riserva 500ml

    Peroni Puro Malto Gran Riserva 500ml

    First the raw materials with which it is produced, 100% Italian malt, which gives a delicate aroma with a predominance of notes of malt and fine notes of aromatic hops that give a flavor distinctly unique.

  • Peroni Red 330ml Imported

    Peroni Red 330ml Imported

    Peroni Red is Italy's number one beer! Unlike the more famous Peroni Nastro Azzuro, the red labelled Peroni Red offers a slightly darker colour with more pronounced malty and hoppy characteristics.

    The Peroni brewery was established in 1846 in Vigevano, Lombardia. From then, Peroni has grown to become Italy's most recognised beer and furthermore, Peroni Red is the most widely consumed beer throughout the Italian Peninsula

  • Peroni Red 660ml Imported

    Peroni Red 660ml Imported

  • Pilsner Urquell 330ml

    Pilsner Urquell 330ml

    The world’s first and original Pilsner from Pilsen which has delighted discerning beer drinkers around the world. With its distinctive full bodied taste… uncompromised since the day it was created. Pilsner Urquell literally means ‘Pilsner from the original source’.  It has an intensely hoppy, full-bodied flavour with a characteristically fine bitterness against a background of honey-sweetness.

  • Rochefort 10  330ml

    Rochefort 10 330ml

    Rochefort 10 is the strongest of the monastery's three beers at 11.3% ABV. This is a beer to savour, but is perfectly balanced and not so heavy as to make it difficult to enjoy. It is very dark - almost black - and cloudy. The aromas are very complex, with malt, chocolate, cocoa, damson, prunes, raisins and a general berry-fruity and porty feel.

  • Rochefort 6 330ml

    Rochefort 6 330ml

    A dark Trappist beer that is the weakest out of the Rochefort beers. The Abbey first brewed this beer in 1953 and the recipe has hardly changed since.

  • Samuel Smith India Pale Ale 500ml

    Samuel Smith India Pale Ale 500ml

    Brewed with well water, malted barley and a generous amount of choicest aroma hops, fermemnted in 'stone Yorkshire squares' to create an exceptionally full-flavoured complex ale with an abundance of maltiness and fruity hop character. 

  • Samuel Smith Organic Lager 550ml

    Samuel Smith Organic Lager 550ml

    Brewed with care using only organice barley, organic hops, medium-soft water and a bottom-fermenting yeast; matured at low temperatures to bring out its delicate flavour and soft hop-character finish. 

  • Sapporo Black Can 650ml

    Sapporo Black Can 650ml

    Sapporo Black is brewed using roasted dark malts, which give the beer coffee and chocolate notes. It is bold and flavourful, yet smooth and crisp in the classic Sapporo fashion, with a refined hop bitterness complemented by sweet round fullness, It pairs well with hearty and spicy dishes such as traditional Asian, Cajun and Latin cuisines. It also stands by itself at barbeques, parties and celebrations.