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  • Sale!Poretti 6 Beer 330ml

    Poretti 6 Beer 330ml


    Poretti 6 Luppoli Bock Rossa double malt beer has 6 different varieties of hops. The flavour is intense Amber Best Brew with a toasted malt flavor and hints of caramel and licorice. The intense taste of hops creates a full-bodied red beer with a strong personality and moderate bitterness, as well as with a fine head and clear appearance.


    Perfect with Grana Padano, a full-bodied cheese from River Po Valley, will be the perfect appetizer for 6 Luppoli Bock Best Brew in all its shapes and consistencies: from flakes, to cubes or crunchy wafers.

    $84.99 $80.50*
  • Sale!Pravda Vodka 700ml

    Pravda Vodka 700ml

    PRAVDA has its flawless taste of crystal clear water from a mountain spring in the Carpathians. The late harvested rye of the Bielso-Biala region is of the highest quality and finest taste.
    Bottled in a beautiful designer bottle decorated with Swarowski crystal.

    $64.99 $59.99
  • Sale!San Benedetto 1.5l Sparkling Plastic

    San Benedetto 1.5l Sparkling Plastic

  • Sale!Schofferhofer Hefe 18pk

    Schofferhofer Hefe 18pk

    This beer has a light, slightly spicy nose with some citrus hints, leading to a refreshing, lemony palate and perhaps a hint of peanut in the nose and mouth. Hefeweizen should be poured smoothly into a tilted, rinsed glass. Pause when there’s about a quarter of the bottle left, swirl the bottle to lift the sediment, then pour the rest into the glass to give a big, fragrant head and release the yeast into the beer to give a cloudy appearance.

    $94.99 $79.99*
  • Sale!Schofferhofer Kristal 18 Pack

    Schofferhofer Kristal 18 Pack

    GERMAN SPARKLING AT ITS BEST! Winner of the Australian & International Beer Awards 2001. Voted Grand Champion out of 81 Breweries from 27 countries. On the palate it is very smooth with malt and light hops in the mouth.

  • Sale!Sensi Governato Ripasso Toscana Rosso

    Sensi Governato Ripasso Toscana Rosso

    Featuring an intense ruby color, it opens up on typical notes of sweet fruit, cherries and marasca cherries. It is soft and fresh to the palate, characterized by both natural ripeness and sweetness that are the unique characteristics of the Governo Toscano grapes used to produce it.

  • Sale!Smirnoff Vodka 700ml

    Smirnoff Vodka 700ml

    Our triple distilled and 10 times filtered vodka is fueled with a dry finish for essential smoothness. Throw in some icy rocks or use it in one of our classic vodka cocktail recipes. Either hits the spot.

    $45.99 $39.99
  • Sale!Stella Artois 330ml Btt

    Stella Artois 330ml Btt

    BEST BEFORE DATE JUNE 2024.        The unique Stella Artois yeast strain (the very same yeast strain first used by the Artois brewmasters) adds a light to moderate fruity, cooked pineapple aroma and creates a clean, crisp medium bodied flavour with hints of cooked vegetable. The Saaz hop also produces a unique bitterness which is well balanced with the malted barley, giving Stella Artois a subtle but pleasant grainy, sweet finish.

  • Sale!Stonefish Chardonnay

    Stonefish Chardonnay

    Made from premium parcels of fruit grown in Western Australia, this wine displays all the finest characteristics expected from Chardonnay - lifted grapefruit, pear and lime nose. Balanced palate of citrus and peaches, with hints of pear and spice with a soft refreshing finish. Enjoy now with all white meat dishes, seafood or salad.

    $21.99 $15.99
  • Sale!Stonefish Shiraz

    Stonefish Shiraz

    Shiraz grapes for this wine were hand picked at optimum ripeness from our carefully nurtured Western Australian vineyards. The wine displays a youthful rich and ripe palate with red berries and spices interwoven with oak. A well balanced, full bodied wine enhanced by soft tannins. An excellent accompaniment to grilled red meats and game dishes.

    $21.99 $15.99
  • Sale!Tanqueray Gin

    Tanqueray Gin

    A blend of the purest triple-distilled spirit and a hand picked selection of four botanicals, London Dry Gin offers uniquely balanced gin experience.

    $56.99 $49.99
  • Sale!Tio Pepe Fino 750ml

    Tio Pepe Fino 750ml

    Star bright, pale golden colour. Elegant and distinctive, with fresh bread and almond aromas. The palate is full bodied, crisp and very dry, with a complex long finish. Tio Pepe should be served well chilled.

    $27.99 $21.99