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Amaro Montenegro  Playing Cards Gift Pack

Amaro Montenegro Playing Cards Gift Pack

Amaro Montenegro, “the liqueur of the virtues,” was created in 1885 thanks to the lengthy, passioned experiments of  a famous distiller and herbalist, Stanislao Cobianchi. The name “Montenegro” is a dedication to the beautiful princess  Elena of Montenegro, who was engaged to Victor Emanuel III. In its over 100 years of history, Amaro Montenegro has seen  its success growing continuously up to the present day, now being one of the leading brands on the Italian market. The marvellous combination of its ingredients and its accurate production process makes Amaro  Montenegro the classic product  that D’Annunzio called “liqueur of the virtues.” A guarantee of its excellent qualities is its international success and spreading all over the world. It can be enjoyed straight with seltzer, lemon rind, or hot, as well as in various combinations.

D 'arenberg The Noble Wrinkle Riesling

D 'arenberg The Noble Wrinkle Riesling

Oozing sweet marmalade, raisin and honeysuckle flavours. The true threat however of this wine lies in the zesty, vibrant lemon and lime sherbet notes, which ensure that we are left salivating and returning ever so quickly for more. Liquid Gold!

Daniella White Sambuca

Daniella White Sambuca

Made in Australia, this a great example of a Sambuce, full of flavour, long mouth feel of liquorice, perfect with your next cup of coffee.

Sale!Toschi Lemoncello

Toschi Lemoncello

Toschi Lemoncello, Liqueur infused with the rinds of the best lemons, springs from an ancient tradition. It is best served ice cold as an after dinner drink or otherwise mixed with tonic water as a refreshing long drink garnished.

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Peroni Red 330ml Imported

Peroni Red 330ml Imported

Peroni Red is Italy's number one beer! Unlike the more famous Peroni Nastro Azzuro, the red labelled Peroni Red offers a slightly darker colour with more pronounced malty and hoppy characteristics.

The Peroni brewery was established in 1846 in Vigevano, Lombardia. From then, Peroni has grown to become Italy's most recognised beer and furthermore, Peroni Red is the most widely consumed beer throughout the Italian Peninsula

$39.99 (case 24)
Obstgarten Pear Cider Cans

Obstgarten Pear Cider Cans

$30.00 (case 24)


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  • Sale!Two Tails Sauvignon Blanc

    Two Tails Sauvignon Blanc

    Nectarine and fresh citrus on the palate with a lovely dry and finely textured palate and flavoursome aftertaste.

  • Sale!Berri Tradional Dry Red (claret)

    Berri Tradional Dry Red (claret)

    $13.99 $11.99
  • Sale!Jansz Rose Non Vintage

    Jansz Rose Non Vintage

    The Jansz Premium NV Rose is based upon Jansz wines of several vintages. Specially selected and crafted individual batches from cool climate locations in Tasmania, form this wine.

  • Sale!Brokenwood Cricket Pitch Red

    Brokenwood Cricket Pitch Red

    A medium to full bodied colour and density. Aromas of red cherry, spice and earthy edges. Mid weight palate with some Cabernet Sauvignon cedar up front that leads to soft Shiraz richness. The oak regime is mainly older American and French so limited impact although some vanillin on both nose and palate with a long sweet finish.