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Dolin Vermouth Red 750ml

Dolin Vermouth Red 750ml

Dolin Vermouths are notably lighter, drier and less pungent than their larger commercial counterparts. The particular mixture of plants found near Chambéry give a fresh, restrained and elegant nose, with a subtle, complex bittersweet palate. Even the Blanc and Rouge retain great balance, with the sugar never cloying, and just enough bitterness to whet the appetite. Each can be enjoyed as aperitif on ice, with a twist of citrus, or in a broad array of traditional cocktails.

Martini Rosso 1lt

Martini Rosso 1lt

For later in the evening, Martini Rosso is a rich, complex and perfumed...

Oscar 697 Rosso Vermouth

Oscar 697 Rosso Vermouth

The alcohol strength is 16%, while the sugar level is kept relatively low at 14% to ensure the final product is drier more bitter than other labels.

Additionally, and critical to the creators, the rich color of the Red Vermouth is obtained naturally using burnt sugar, without adding dyes or synthetic caramels like e150c or e150d.

All the ingredients are strictly natural.

These production methods make OSCAR.697 Rosso a very fresh, delicate and balanced product. Ideal to drink on the rocks, shaken or in mixology.

Martini Bianco 1lt

Martini Bianco 1lt

Martini Bianco is a gentle, soft and harmonious wine perfect for drinking on a sunny day.



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