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Russo Fragola Cream 500ml

Russo Fragola Cream 500ml

This delicious cream liqueur joins the sweetness of fresh cream to the pleasant taste of strawberries in a well-balanced and harmonic way. To be enjoyed fresh as a pleasant dessert and with ice cream.

Keep in the refrigerator, not in freezer.

Oscar 697 Rosso Vermouth

Oscar 697 Rosso Vermouth

The alcohol strength is 16%, while the sugar level is kept relatively low at 14% to ensure the final product is drier more bitter than other labels.

Additionally, and critical to the creators, the rich color of the Red Vermouth is obtained naturally using burnt sugar, without adding dyes or synthetic caramels like e150c or e150d.

All the ingredients are strictly natural.

These production methods make OSCAR.697 Rosso a very fresh, delicate and balanced product. Ideal to drink on the rocks, shaken or in mixology.

Russo Amaretto Del Etna 700ml

Russo Amaretto Del Etna 700ml

This liqueur is made depending on an ancient recipe and has the unique fragrance of Sicilian almonds. Its aroma is delicious and its taste very pleasant so it is perfect for any moment. To be served straight or on the rocks as a dessert, excellent with ice cream, with coffee and with almond sweets and recommended for the preparation of cocktails and long drinks.

Russo Grappa Moscato Di Pantelleria 500ml

Russo Grappa Moscato Di Pantelleria 500ml

This Grappa comes from a vine of ancient tradition, cultivated in Sicily, exactly on the island of Pantelleria, probably from the times of the old Phoenicians. It is a vine with clearly aromatic taste, apricot, flowery and honey marks. The taste is dense, warm, mellow and pleasantly harmonic. The marcs are slightly pressed and exposed to fermentation process, distilled in special alembics to exalt the lovely taste and unique perfume.



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