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Bottega Grappa Fior De Latte

Bottega Grappa Fior De Latte

Fior di Latte is a creamy and sweet white chocolate and Grappa liqueur. Made with Grappa from the Veneto combined with silky white chocolate. Suitable as an after-dinner drink to be consumed chilled.


Delicious with fresh strawberries.

Grappa Evanelista Bianca

Grappa Evanelista Bianca

White Grappa obtained from the distillation of different vines.
Russo Grappa Nerello Mascalese 500ml

Russo Grappa Nerello Mascalese 500ml

This Grappa comes from the most widespread vine in the territory of mount Etna and is cultivated from immemorial time. Probably it can be identified with the ancient vines mentioned by Homer (the vine offered to Polyphem by Odysseus) and other Latin writers.
It is an elegant wine of full personality with excellent structure and high aromatic qualities. The marcs are slightly pressed and exposed to fermentation process, distilled in special alembics to exalt the aromatic characteristics.

Nonino Grappa Moscato 700ml

Nonino Grappa Moscato 700ml

Elegant, aromatic, soft and sensual with the perfume of roses, thyme and vanilla.


Thanks to its particular elegance and persistency, drunk, sipped or lingered over at the end of a meal or at any moment of the day it is a source of real pleasure! With respect to an aromatic variety such as Moscato, the Grappa is excellent served with cream cakes, cream in general (both crème anglaise and whipped cream) and ice-cream. It is perfect on a fresh fruit salad. 

Frenchies Draught Kolsch 4.8% 330ml

Frenchies Draught Kolsch 4.8% 330ml

Kölsch is a refreshing classic beer from the German city of Cologne, where our head brewer Vince used to study. This one is largely inspired from his favourite, the Mühlen Kölsch at Heumarkt, Cologne. It is brewed with the finest noble hops, blending there flavours with gentle malt notes and a delicate fruitiness from fermentation, it finishes clean and dry.

$66.00 (case 24)
Frenchies Comet Pale 5.4% 330ml

Frenchies Comet Pale 5.4% 330ml

C O M E T hops is an old and wild American hops. Back in the days, it was used in lagers for its bold bittering properties, but commercial production stopped in the 80s because of its flavours judged too intense. With the rise of hoppy US Pale Ales it is now making a come back. This is a very complex hops delivering layers of spice, earthiness and strong citrus.

$69.00 (case 24)


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  • Sale!Taylors Pinot Gris

    Taylors Pinot Gris

    The wine has distinctly lifted varietal aromas of ripe pear, apple and melon with a subtle blossom perfume. The overall bouquet is fresh, clean and very enticing.

    This wine, crafted in the French style of the varietal, has an elegant palate with regional varietal characters of pear, apple, citrus and subtle spice. There is a pleasing texture to the mid-palate with overall good acid balance and fruit persistence.

    $16.99 $14.99
  • Sale!Frascati Monteporzio

    Frascati Monteporzio

    This wine has a pale gold colour, a light clean and fresh palate with a very dry finish. A pleasant wine for cold meats and seafood.

  • Sale!Snaps Limoncello 700ml

    Snaps Limoncello 700ml

    Limoncello Snaps is obtained by steeping the rinds of fresh choice lemons in alcohol. Excellent as a digestive and for the preparation of sorbets. It is perfect poured over ice cream or when preparing cocktails and long drinks. Serve iced.

    $44.99 $38.99
  • Sale!Houghton Shiraz

    Houghton Shiraz

    Spicy berry fruit flavours combine with well integrated oak.